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Polly Pocket X Friends Mashup Announced

We all remember Polly Pocket right? My little sister had them growing up, I remember them being EVERYWHERE. Then decades later they reinvented Polly Pocket and my littles ones loved it. As they grew older Polly Pocket went away, and they discovered FRIENDS… years later…..they have a crossover? This was not on my BINGO card for this year.
Ahead of Warner Bros. Discovery’s FRIENDS Fan Week, a week-long celebration leading up to International Friendship Day on Sunday, July 30, we’re excited to share the latest news from Polly Pocket. Available today is the first installment of a new collector series brought to life by the iconic Polly Pocket, in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Product. Say hello to the Polly Pocket Friends Compact!
Relive the nostalgia with two of your favorite things as Polly Pocket brings all the laughs and memories from the beloved Warner Bros. TV series FRIENDS to micro-scale. Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler all pack into Central Perk (literally) to unveil the first compact in the Polly Pocket partnership series.

Polly Pocket continues to resonate with kids and adults alike as the #2 global playset doll property per NPD. Now, Mattel is thrilled to be expanding Polly Pocket into the collector world with her iconic compact form. The Polly Pocket partnership series is embracing millennial nostalgia and expanding her micro-scale to new properties. Kicking the collector series off with a bang by tapping into the FRIENDS fandom and leaning into trending 90’s nostalgia.

SETTING THE SCENE: Whether young, or young at heart, consumers and fans can take the cast right from Central Perk from a coffee break, up a few flights of stairs to the crew’s apartments.


  • Remember when Monica dressed up the turkey, put it on her head, and danced for Chandler during “The One With All The Thanksgivings”? Now fans can reenact the scene.

  • Come sit around the couch and listen as Phoebe entertains the six friends in the Polly Pocket sized Central Perk – playing her eclectic songs on the guitar; Play “Smelly Cat!”.

  • Kick back and relax – Joey & Chandler sure will! Consumers can have the best friends lounging in their two matching Barcalounger chairs, with their chicken and duck best friends wandering around the apartment. Maybe they will take a quick Foosball break before “Baywatch” starts.

  • Ready to serve up a hot cup of coffee, Rachel is dressed for work at Central Perk, iconic apron and all. Also spotted for some fun role play is her “classy birthday flan” made by Monica in “The One With The Two Parties” – at least before Chandler tossed a ball right on it to fulfill Rachel’s special wish.


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