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Painkiller: Hell and Damnation Trophy Guide

Painkiller Trophy Guide – Introduction

Painkiller definitely isn’t in the running for best game in the world, but it can still be quite fun, when crippling slowdown and constant repetition aren’t getting in the way. Even so, you’ll need a lot of patience if you plan to get all of these. It’ll require you to play a lot of online (almost impossible with no one playing) and do absolutely everything the single player offers (more than once), but that platinum trophy can be yours. Especially if you use this handy Painkiller trophy guide.

So without further ado, let’s get into the game. Grab yourself a soft drink, load up some 90s music and make a new pact with Death.


Painkiller - platinum Platinum

As always, you’ll unlock the platinum trophy by unlocking every other trophy in the game. Although the main storyline is only going to take you around the five hour mark – even on a slightly higher difficulty – you’ll need to play through everything three or four times, and that’s not counting how much you’ll need to play online. Although the trophies seem easy enough, you’re probably looking at 40-50 hours for this one, and that’s if you’re pretty awesome. Adjust for skill level and then ask yourself if you can stomach tens of hours of this game.

Painkiller - Endurance Endurance

This trophy requires you finish the first level, Cemetery. Although it sounds like a story related trophy, it’s actually not. The majority of the bronzes in this game are linked to the tarot card system. To unlock new tarot cards, which offer various boosters, you need to fulfil certain prerequisites on each level. This one just happens to be stupidly easy. Getting through the cemetery isn’t difficult, although do be careful that you don’t get swamped with enemies. Get used to bunny hopping and shooting at the same time, and you should be fine.

This trophy will pop as soon as you’ve finished the first level.

Painkiller - Haste Haste

As you begin your pact with Death, you’ll be offered a tutorial level. Play it, and trash everything that you can see. All the jars at the bottom, all the enemies – everything that will break. It should be really simple, but this is Painkiller and nothing is ever as it should be. The tutorial is buggy as hell, and sometimes the next part of the mission fails to pop. To ensure you get this trophy, destroy everything you see before moving on through the tutorial.

Painkiller - Time Bonus Time Bonus

To get this trophy, you’ll need to gib 123 enemies in the Oriental Castle. What is gibbing? You need to blow an enemy apart if you want it to be considered a gib, so use rockets or your shotgun if you want a better chance of gibbing. 

Painkiller - Speed Speed

This one is annoying To make it pop, you’ll need to get 330 gold, dropped from enemies. It specifically needs to be dropped by enemies.

There’s a limited amount of gold in each level, so it is possible to get this on every playthrough, you just have to do it in a very specific way. Try and use the soul collector’s alt fire – the slow green beam – to kill an enemy without breaking them apart. When they fall, go and fire a few shots into them until their body breaks up. With any luck, they’ll drop a gold ring, which is worth twenty gold. 

You’ll still need to do this upwards of 16 times, but it should be fairly easy, now you know how.

Painkiller - fury Fury

I had this pop for no real reason. The description says kill three enemies in a row with a sawblade, although it seems a little under-explained. My only suggestion can be let enemies group together as they chase you – this can be done by running them around a little bit – and then fire a bunch of sawblades off at intervals. It’s more about luck than skill, and firing randomly will work.

Painkiller - Double Haste Double Haste

At the Opera, collect 100 souls. This should be easy with your soul collector’s alt fire, although there are times when things get a little hairy and you’d be better off just using a decent weapon. In short, if you try to get this trophy and go out of your way to get each and every little green soul you see, you should be able to get it with absolutely no problem.

Painkiller - Dexterity Dexterity

This is probably the worst boss in the game. Swamp Thing walks around in a circle, and you must either just shoot him with something powerful or shoot the bubbles the pop up from the swamp. The trophy should have been for doing it in longer than 4:00, but it’s for doing it in less, and it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. If in need, drop the difficulty to its lowest and spam the shoot button.

Painkiller - Iron Will Iron Will

Kill 50 frozen enemies. The only way to do this is to freeze the enemies yourself, with the shotgun’s alt fire. Pick a level with lots of shotgun bullets – Cemetary or Orphanage should do – and let ‘er rip. Just make sure that each of the enemies are frozen before you continue.

Painkiller - Rage Rage

Collect all holy items in the Shadowland. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as there’s only a single holy item in the whole level. If you want to do this without specifically resorting to Youtube, just ignore Death and explore everywhere. Otherwise, skip forward to 1:05 to get a feel for where you’ll need to go to get this one to pop.

Painkiller - Double Time Bonus Double Time Bonus

Another one of those stupidly annoying trophies. To get this one, you’ll need to collect every piece of ammo in the Colloseum, and they’ve managed to locate them in some really ridiculous places. This isn’t helped by the fact the level may well be glitched, and you won’t always be able to get every single ammo cache every single time you play. From what I’ve heard, your best bet is playing on Insomnia. 

To get the hardest ammo boxes: in the same room as the secret behind the fence, there’s a hall with some steps. Behind those steps is a level, although you’ll have to jump up to get at it. That lever unlocks the fence with the secret behind it – there’s ammo in that room. It’s hidden in plain site, you’ll definitely see the ammo stock itself, but the lever is well hidden.

Painkiller - Triple Haste Triple Haste

Kill Alastor in under five minutes. This isn’t an especially difficult thing to do, but you’ll want to play on the easiest difficulty just in case. Use something like the shotgun and just spam in his general direction. When you get to the bottom floor, get his health down to zero and then prepare yourself. As he starts healing, you’ll need to take out as many of the statues as you can. The quicker you can do it, and the more you can destroy in a single sitting, the quicker you’ll be able to finish the fight.

Try and destroy everything in two or three rounds, and you’ll be well within the five minute mark.

Painkiller - Confusion Confusion

You’ll want to morph into a demon three times on the Lab level to get this one to pop. It isn’t difficult – it’s about the equivalent of collecting 190 or so of the green souls – but it will mean being careful not to miss any of them. 

 Painkiller - Soul Keeper Soul Keeper

This is easily the hardest of the tarot achievements. You’ll need to complete the level Atrium in seven minutes. This isn’t possible through regular play. Even though the level itself isn’t hard, they just throw too much at you to beat it in anything under around the eight minute mark (and that’s if you’re pretty good).

Save this one until you have as many of the other tarot cards as you can get. Once you’ve experimented and have gotten used to them, go ahead and equip anything that’ll boost the damage you do or increase the rate at which you move. With a little luck, some magic support and a little skilful aiming, this shouldn’t be at all difficult.

One warning though, don’t equip anything that will slow down time. It will slow down time, but it won’t slow down the timer. 

Painkiller - Blessing Blessing

Killing Necrogiant in under two minutes might seem impossible, but drop the difficulty level, run straight up to him, spam the shotgun and let him have it. This one is possible in well under a minute, and if you struggled on your first play through (I know I did), you’ll be amazed at just how easy this big fellow is to topple.

Painkiller - replenish Replenish

Another “morph three times” card, this time linked to Coliseum. Collect all the green souls that you can. If you focus on doing this, it should be easy. Again, you’re aiming for around 190, so measure via the start menu if you want to keep count.

Painkiller - dark soul Dark Soul

Find all the secret areas in Opera. Don’t fancy searching for hours? Take a look at the video below.

Painkiller - Mercy Mercy

This is from the story and can’t be missed, although the fight can be a little annoying. Death will constantly collect the souls of the enemies you kill, so use the Soul Catcher’s alt fire to suck them up before he does. Fire at him whenever you can and rush to ammo caches when you need to. 

Painkiller - Name the Evil Name the Evil

Get 666 kills with the Soul Catcher. The Soul Catcher is one of the first weapons you get in the game, and it’s a pretty good one as well. You’ll kill multiple enemies at once with it, if they’re lined up, and you’ll make quick work of anything that gets close enough to that fired blade.

The key here is double up your achievement hunting. Use the Soul Catcher when trying to pop ConfusionReplenish or Double Haste. If you can get every kill on each level with the Soul Catcher, you’ll end up with nearly 400 kills. The rest will just be a matter of picking your favourite level and making up the difference.

Painkiller - Upside Down Upside Down

This trophy requires you kill 999 enemies with the shotgun. Other than the fifty frozen enemies and the more vague “kill x amount” trophy, this one is just working towards it until you’re done. The first level is a good one to boost it on, but anything will do really.

 Painkiller - Farm Master Farm Master

Collect 2012 gold from enemies. This is just a more annoying, more difficult version of the Speed trophy. When you kill enemies, you’ll want to avoid making too much of a mess of them. When you’re done, go and shoot off their arms and legs and you’ll get a little gold from them. Going by the value of a gold ring – that’s 20+ to your gold – this trophy requires 101 enemies killed in this manner, although obviously you’ll pick up bits and pieces by accident as well.

Painkiller -  Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter

This is one of the more time consuming trophies, but you’ll be able to get it through one of your later play throughs while you’re doing other things. Collect 25 secrets across the whole of the single player campaign. This shouldn’t be too difficult, and I suggest you follow through some of the videos on this YouTube channel to help you out.

Painkiller -  Grave Hunter Grave Hunter

Finish the first three chapters and kill Necrogiant to unlock this trophy. It’s as simple as that.

Painkiller - fallen Fallen

For this, beat the next two chapters and Alastor.

Painkiller - New Kids on the Blob New Kids on the Blob

Two more levels and the Swamp Thing and this trophy will pop.

Painkiller - Imperfection Imperfection

The majority of the enemies you come across, you’re going to end up breaking apart in some way. Whether you rip off their arms or blow them off their feet (literally), you’ll end up dismembering them in some way. This trophy calls that you collect 667 souls from dismembered enemies. Just remember to pick them up, all of the time, and you’ll unlock this sooner rather than later.

Painkiller - bullet spammer Bullet Spammer

Shoot 50,000 times. As far as I can tell, it can be any weapon and a single play through will likely not get you anywhere near this amount. Your best bet is using the machine gun. Keep it topped up on ammunition and just enjoy shooting anything and everything. It’ll take a long time. A stupidly long time. Check your progress in the main menu’s “Statistics” option.

Painkiller - Real Colleague Real Colleague

This will require that you play each level with a friend. You can do this online or you can do it locally, but you must play through the whole game together.

Pick somebody you hate (because you wouldn’t invite someone you like to play a game this bad), or play alone with two controllers, and this should be a fairly easy, if time consuming trophy to get.

Painkiller -  depot Depot

Over the course of the game, collect 500 crates of ammo. This should be easy to get naturally, as you’re getting the other trophies, but if you focus on it it’ll be even easier. You can’t pick up a crate if you have full ammo for a weapon, so learn to recognise the different kinds of crates (each weapon’s ammo is different) and shoot off a single round to enable collection.

Painkiller - barrel killer Barrel Killer

Destroy 300 barrels. This will require that you actually aim for the trophy, or that you play in such a way that you use the explosive barrels a lot anyway. This shouldn’t be too difficult a trophy to get, either way, as they’re often stacked. There are areas in the first few levels where you’ll be able to get 10-15 in a single area.

Painkiller - Hurricane Hurricane

Another of those odd numbers here. You’ll need to kill 333 enemies with explosive weaponry. This is going to be fairly easy if you use the rocket launcher or similar. Aside from that, it’s just a matter of time.

Painkiller - Five at Once Five at Once

Kill five enemies with a single rocket launcher. The trick here is aiming just right, and it’s not an easy one to explain. Your best bet is just to get used to the rocket launcher and the amount of damage it does. It’s not difficult to find five enemies within range. The rest is just up to you.

Painkiller - Bunny the Rabbit Bunny the Rabbit

Bunny hop for 666 seconds. This one will almost certainly pop during play, as this was my main means of getting around. It doubles your walking speed and is a necessary move for almost all of the major fights, especially Necrogiant, which is on a large open plane. With that said, I’m pretty sure I already had this trophy by the time I reached that level.

Painkiller - Chop-Chop Chop-Chop

Gib 500 enemies with the rocket launcher. Like Five at Once and Hurricane, this one will simply have to come with time. Remember that, to gib, the enemy needs to completely blow apart.

Painkiller - Nightmare Collector Nightmare Collector

Nightmare is the game’s hard mode. Complete it to unlock this silver trophy. This one will be necessary if you want to unlock Trauma. It’s not super difficult, although there are moments that will really begin to annoy you. Just take it quite simply, aim well and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Painkiller - Trauma Survived Trauma Survived

The Trauma difficulty is unlocked once you’ve finished Nightmare. Like Nightmare, it’s going to take a bit of patience to get through, but once you’ve finished you’ll unlock a gold trophy.

Fussy Knight Fussy Knight

As you explore the various levels, and as you access more and more of the secret areas, you’ll find armour quite frequently. This trophy requires that you pick up 40 lots of it. I think I managed 20 in a single playthrough. You can see how you’re doing from the statistics menu.

Painkiller - Puncture Puncture

Ready for this one? Finish a level using only stakes – and don’t miss a single shot. Stakes are pole like bullets that harpoon enemies from a distance. They’re not easy to shoot, especially against groups. Your best bet is to pick a level you’re comfortable with (it’ll need to be one of the later ones, after you’ve unlocked the stakes) and equip the double ammo tarot card. This will ensure you never run out. The rest is down to just taking it easy and hoping for the best.

Painkiller - Annihilation Annihilation

This is the one that will likely block the platinum for most people. 6666 kills, just from stakes. Puncture is difficult, but it’s not that difficult. This is just one that you’ll need to get at. Playing the survival mode online, if you can get a game, might just help with this one.

Painkiller - Calamity Calamity

500 kills from environmental explosions. This one is linked, I suppose, with Barrel Killer, only it’ll take a little longer. Take your time, line up your shots, and hope for the best. Might be worth making a tally if you want to keep track, else just keep hammering away at the total.

Painkiller - Warlock Warlock

Kill 123 enemies with combo damage. This one is best for with the shotgun or the Soul Collector. Try and line up two or three enemies at once, and hope that the bullets travel through the first, and that your aim is good enough that you knock more than one out at once. Rinse and repeat.

Painkiller - Promoter Promoter

Get three captures as Eve in Capture the Flag. Sounds easy, right? The hardest part will be actually getting someone to play with. If you have a regular group of trophy hunters, it might be time to ask them nicely to boost with you. Promoter requires that you play online.

Painkiller - Immortal Immortal

Survival is an endless enemy mode that you can play online with others. Like Gears of War or Halo, you’ll just be required to kill as many waves of baddies as you can. This trophy requires that you kill 1000 of them.

Painkiller - Road Roller Road Roller

You’ll need to get 30 kills in three minutes on Deathmatch mode. Don’t even try it. Find a group of partners, and boost until it pops.


The trophy images are available thanks to PS3Trophies.


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