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Nintendo Introduces the NES Classic Edition In A New Video

When Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition, I freaked out! Ok, you already know that because of my recent More Thoughts From Me Special Edition! But I just have to say again how much I’m looking forward to this thing. And Nintendo is fueling that need even more with a new video about the system. We have the video below, plus my thoughts on it.


The NES Classic Edition system is coming this November for $59.99. The system will have 30 games pre-loaded onto it. I want this system now. I think Nintendo knows that everybody wants this system now. So, of course they have to show the system off in a new youtube video. Of course they do!

Check out the video below:

I really love this video. It starts off very retro and then it shows the game’s in HD. Oh man. So beautiful. Though, the best part of the video and the part that made me laugh with joy is when they said NOW YOU’RE PLAYING WITH POWER! Oh man. Can this system be out now?!

What did you think of the video? Are you planning to buy this system in November? Sound off below!


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