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NHL Meets Playmobil in Fantastic Partnership

Reviewing Playmobil products is one of my favourite things to do because it really lets me connect with my youngest on his level. He absolutely adores the products and uses them everywhere, including during bath time. He’s recently become a bit interested in sports at the ripe young age of 4, and watching the Maple Leafs with me is something he’s come to enjoy. When I saw Playmobil had NHL themed sets, I knew I had to jump!


Two specific sets from the lineup stood out to me because of what has happened recently – the Stanley Cup Presentation (9015) and the NHL Arena (5068).

The NHL Arena

Includes: 2 ice hockey players, 2 ice hockey goalkeepers Accessories: 1 ice hockey arena (2 parts), 2 goals, 4 puks, 2 launchers, 4 ice hockey sticks, 1 sticker sheet with numbers, 3 sticker sheets with NHL™ team logos

Have you ever had one of this table top hockey toys? The ones where players are on long medal rods and you move them in and out to make the players move? We just recently purchased one of these toys from a local garage sale, and the kids have absolutely loved the experience. At 4, however, Lincoln finds the whole experience a bit difficult as, well, everything is tied to rods.

With the NHL Arena set from Playmobil, kids of all ages can have a similar experience without the hindrance of rods. The Playmobil figures can be moved around the ice surface with ease, and have mechanics built in to allow shots (for skaters) and saves (for goalies).


It’s brilliantly packaged and includes stickers for all the NHL teams, except understandably the Seattle Kraken. Being able to personalize the arena and players is a huge plus, and it looks like you can bring other hockey Playmobil figures into this experience if you own them. That’s pretty dang cool!

Stanley Cup Presentation

Includes: Figures: 2 presenters; Accessories: 1 presentation table, 1 NHL® Stanley Cup®

Just recently, the Vegas Golden Knights lifted their first Stanley Cup trophy, and the feeling on the ice was electric. One of the most hallowed moments in sports is when the Stanley Cup is passed to the captain by the commissioner of the NHL. First a quick photo, and then the captain gets to lift the cup and celebrate with his teammates.

Playmobil has beautifully recreated this moment in toy form so kids can live out their own Stanley Cup fantasies. That’s right Leafs Fan – want a Leafs player to hoist the cup in your lifetime? You can do that with the Playmobil Stanley Cup Presentation set!


I would have preferred this set comes with one presenter and an actual player, so if you want to really build and experience you are going to need at least one other NHL Playmobil set. Still, I like how this small set works into all the other NHL sets – wouldn’t it be great to put this out on the NHL Arena set ice?

We will have a ton more Playmobil articles in the coming weeks, so stayed tuned! We are looking at everything from Pony Farms to Ambulances to, yes these NHL sets!


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