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My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure Impressions

Outright Games might have cornered the market on video games for kids, and while I will always nitpick the length of these adventures, there is no denying that when they do create something out of an officially licensed product, it’s generally something kids will enjoy. Despite the shortness, the adventures are almost always enjoyed by my kids, so would this one be different? Join me and the littles ones as we look at My Little Pony: A Maretime Adventure on Google Stadia!


Google Stadia. Where do I start. For some, cloud gaming will never be something they participate in because they like having a physical console. But as things get more expensive, I do believe that cloud gaming will become more and more popular. While our Internet might not be strong enough to play the biggest and best games on the platform, things like My Little Pony: A Maretime Adventure are easily played, and greatly enjoyed.

My Little Pony does a mixture of things, but at the core it’s a collect-athon platforming adventure with lots of things to do! Different cosmetic items can be purchased to provide outfits and more for your ponies. Everything you need will be earned by performing a variety of tasks around the world, including a rhythm based game, collecting items, and even doing some herding!

The game sounds and looks incredible, better than any kids game should look. A lot of care and dedication went into making this a fantastic experience, and one that kids will find bright and enjoyable. The story of inclusion is also a welcome sight, and is a great lesson for young kids. It’s great to see a game with a good message.

Overall, it’s an experience worth dabbling in if you have kids with an affinity for My Little Pony. And if they don’t, Outright Games has a ton of other licensed content that might appeal to them.


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