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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Special Pre-Launch Program (Video)

There was a special broadcast for Monster Hunter Stories 2 today! You can check it out below and then please come back here for thoughts on it.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 looks amazing.

As I mentioned previously, I’m not a Monster Hunter fan but I loved the trial version of Monster Hunter Stories 2. The wonderful graphics, the awesome turn-based battle system, and excellent exploration really caught my attention!

And I enjoyed today’s Monster Hunter Stories 2 broadcast a lot!

The new trailer for the game looked really great. I also enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the games. The best part, to me, was when the Co-op quest was shown off. I had no idea that Monster Hunter Stories 2 had an local and online co-quests. I’m pretty new to the series and hadn’t been keeping up on it as much as I should. The co-op quest was pretty cool! I liked how you could find eggs on the co-op quests and fight multiple enemies together. The co-op keeps the turn-based combat too.

Its also exciting that the game will be getting free updates after launch that add in new monsters and quests. Wow. The new monsters looked fantastic too.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 looks like its going to be a really great game. It will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 9th. Thats next Friday! Will you be picking the game up?


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