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Lovefilm Alternatives for Gamers

Lovefilm alternatives

Lovefilm are giving up on the game rental business. If you’re a current customer, you’ll be able to continue to get games, although there’s no guarantee they’ll have the latest titles in stock. If you’re a new customer, you’re out of luck.

Here are some gaming Lovefilm alternatives, so you can still get your fix without shelling out hundreds of pounds a month. Game rental isn’t nearly as big as it was a couple of years ago, and the sites available for use are limited. There are still options, though, and you’ll still end up saving money if you’re a regular user.

Boomerang Games

Boomerang isn’t just a rental service. It’s a game rental service, and as such is one of the better Lovefilm alternatives for game-only renters. They have some great initiatives as well, such as a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround, else the days you go without a game are credited back to you. If you get a game that doesn’t work, you’ll get the day credited back to you plus an extra free rental and there’s no doubt that they have the games you’re looking for.

The lowest value pack is £3.99 for one game a month. The next pack, for two games a month, is £7.99, so it might end up a little more expensive, depending on which package you’re on through Lovefilm. 

On the other hand, the Priority 2 pack, which is £15.99, gives you two games at a time, for an unlimited number of titles a month. You’ll be much more likely to get the titles you want as well. That’s pretty much on par with Lovefilm in terms of cost, but the guarantee of having certain titles first is a nice addition. 

There are a number of packages in between, and no doubt there will be something worth checking out in between. As a purely gaming service, it’s safe to bet they won’t suddenly run out of the latest games, making them the one to look at as one of the only purely gaming Lovefilm alternatives.


Although Blockbuster had a spot of trouble of their own recently, they’re still sending out games as part of their online rental service. Unlike Boomerang, they’re a full on rental service that includes movies and games. If that’s what you’re looking for, Blockbuster is a decent choice, although it’s a little on the pricey side. The first gaming package starts at £9.99 for for two disks at a time, with an option to pay £14.99 for three disks. Both packages have unlimited rentals.

Also worth noting is that Blockbuster stores are currently running an unlimited number of game rentals between now and September for a tenner. Although games are supposed to be limited to those “five pound” rental types, there are stories of people walking away with Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us.

You’ll also get 10% off the Blockbuster market place.

Paramount Games Rental

The first I heard of Paramount Games Rental was seeing its owner spam the link on Amazon, as well as argue with people over the value of his service. It doesn’t help that the website seems overly clunky when compared with the smoothness of Lovefilm either. Instead of adding games to a list, you must add your top 10 games to a contact form. You then pay via Paypal and the games on your wishlist are sent out.


I wouldn’t recommend this one, but they push themselves as one of the indie Lovefilm alternatives and that’s what they should be treated as. If the sites above don’t tickle your fancy or if you’ve tried them out in the past, you might try Paramount. Just be thankful Paypal offer an anti-fraud service.

Lovefilm Alternatives – Conclusion

Boomerang is probably your best bet if you’re just after games, whilst Blockbuster offer a number of packages that will keep film-obsessives and gamers happy. Both will serve as great Lovefilm alternatives, and will likely be as good as Lovefilm, if not better, and you may even manage to save some cash.


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