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Free Content Coming to New Pokemon Snap

It looks like Nintendo is continuing to release more content for past releases, and while many are teased or promised well in advance – such as promising more courses for Mario Golf: Super Rush – some are completely unexpected. Thanks to the Pokémon Twitter account, we learned this morning that New Pokémon Snap was getting brand new content and areas to explore, along with new Pokémon to photograph! How awesome is that!


From the Pokémon twitter account:

Who’s ready to make more photographic memories with Pokémon? (Camera Emoji). A free content update is coming to #NewPokemonSnap on August 3!

Wile not my favourite game in the Pokemon franchise, I had a really good time with New Pokemon Snap! You can see my first look at the game below:

Looks like your ship that carries you can shrink so players can enter new areas. There also looks like brand new branching paths. We cannot wait!

Have you been enjoying New Pokémon Snap? Are you excited for brand new content? Let us know in the comments below, or reply to us on Twitter!


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