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Finding Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Recently I got an Xbox Series S and gamepass. I’ve been playing a lot of games on the service. One of the games that I found on the service is Lost Words: Beyond the Page. Let me tell you about it.


One of the most unique games I’ve found on gamepass recently is Lost Words: Beyond the Page. The game is adventure/platformer/puzzle game with two unique story segments. The first is where you control a small wolf on in a young girl’s journal. We see the girl write about her life and whats been happening lately with her grandmother. You control the wolf who will walk across the journal, jumping from word to word and you sometimes move words or objects to different places on the page. Its pretty neat! Then there’s the second part of the game.

The girl is also writing a story in between thinking about her grandmother. We see the actual story outside of the journal, a 2D platformer with amazing graphics. The story stars a girl who is searching for lost spirits. There’s lots of jumping and running. The best part of this story is how you affect its telling. At certain points, you choose words to direct the story, such as deciding if a character will scream or if an ancient society were warriors or something else. And the character in the story uses words to affect the environment!


The words in the story are held in a small book. You collect words and then can use them to help you on your journey. For instance, one word you get early on is repair. You can use this to repair objects that are broken, like bridges and statues. Another useful word is Rise. The Rise word will make objects like elevators and specific stones move up so you can reach higher areas. There are many other words you collect on your journey to further the story.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a really unique game. I love its gameplay and its graphics are just fantastic, especially with the fantasy story but sometimes in the journal too. Both its real story and its fantasy story are well told. Younger gamers will enjoy Lost Words a lot but I think older gamers can appreciate it too. Lost Words is a great game and I’m glad I discovered it on gamepass.

Have you played Lost Words? What do you think of it?


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