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Banner of the Maid – Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer

Banner of the Maid is strategy rpg thats coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 12, 2020. A new trailer has been released for the game! Please check it out and then come back to for some thoughts on Banner of the Maid.

Banner of the Maid is a a strategy rpg that looks like Final Fantasy Tactics on the surface, but its not completely like that game.

The graphics and the initial turn-based strategy in Banner of the Maid will remind players of Final Fantasy Tactics. When actual combat is shown though, the game looks a bit more like Wargroove. More than one person attacks the enemy with each turn and more than one enemy attacks back! Its very interesting combat system.

Banner of the Maid also has a very unique setting. The game is set during the late 18th to early 19 century…in an alternate universe! Banner of the Maid is set in a different take on French Revolution history.

With this unique setting and Final Fantasy Tactics meets Wargroove gameplay, Banner of the Maid looks like a game that strategy fans should keep an eye on! I know I will. This newest trailer looks pretty cool.

What do you think of Banner of the Maid? Will you be picking it up for Nintendo Switch in August?


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