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Time to Build A Game: A Look At Game Builder Garage for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo loves to let players create things. Look at Super Mario Maker, Animal Crossing New Horizons and other games. Nintendo wants players to be involved in game creation. And now Game Builder Garage is here to help us learn how to create games. Nintendo Canada provided GamesReviews.comĀ  with a review code for Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch. Let’s check it out!


Yesterday, Game Builder Garage came out for the Nintendo Switch. It is a Nintendo published and developed game where you build games!

And so far: its very good. Its also pretty complicated!

I only got the game yesterday so most of my play time right now is with the game’s tutorials. In these segments, Nintendo holds your hand and walks you through the creation of various games. The tutorials are easy to understand and full of wonderful humor.

At this point, I created a tag game, a game that uses motion tilting, and I’m in the middle of creating a space shooter.

It feels easy to create these things when the tutorials are leading you through every step. When I went off and tried to create my own games…well…it felt much more complicated. There are a lot of connections and bits of logic to remember for each game you create.

I think some people will really get the hang of creating their own games while others will most likely just end up downloading games that other people created.

Its likely that I’ll be a downloader and not a creator, though I haven’t given up yet. I am still toying with the free create mode and I will finish all the tutorials.


As for downloading other people’s creations, well, there is no online hub like Super Mario Maker 1 or 2. Instead, you have to go online and find someone’s game developer or game code and then go back to the game to put the code in and then download the game. This works fine but I really wish there was an online hub where you could find all the games.

Maybe Nintendo will add one if Game Builder Garage becomes popular. I really hope so.

The games I’ve downloaded and played so far are already impressive. I doubt I could ever create anything that cool. But I will try to create something and I’ll share it. Keep an eye on my twitter @df2506 for tons of pics of Game Builder Garage and maybe a download code for my game!

Also keep an eye on for our upcoming review of Game Builder Garage!

What do you think of Game Builder Garage? Did you pick it up? Have you created a level? If so, please share your level code in the comments and we’ll check it out!

Thank you to Nintendo Canada for providing a review code!


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