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The Lost Child Preview

Sometimes, reviewers have it hard. We have to review some pretty awful games occasionally. We do this so you don’t have to play them. And then there are other times when we play a game that we know is good, but, personally, we don’t really care for it. I think I hit upon one of the latter games lately. I have been playing The Lost Child by NIS America for review. I know the game is good, but its not connecting with me personally. Lets take a look at The Lost Child.


The Lost Child for Nintendo Switch is a first person dungeon crawling rpg. It has some elements of games like Ace Attorney where you talk to people and try to figure out a mystery.

The controls on the good work well and the game’s battle system is very functional; it has some neat aspects like collecting demons and then adding them to your party to use them in battle.

Collecting demons in The Lost Child and finding new items is interesting. I can see how it could be addictive even. What item will you find in this chest next? Can you capture this demon? Will you want to use him in battle? But I’m not really digging the game’s story or the fact thats everything is in first person.

I’m use to my rpgs being in third person where I can see the characters walking around. Also I’m use to seeing my characters in battle. I think thats one of the reasons that I never really connected with old school Dragon Quest. The battles were always in first person with the orignal NES games. The Lost Child isn’t a bad game, but I find it a weird game.

Its not just the first person aspect or the story thats giving me mixed feelings about The Lost Child so far. I don’t feel like I’m connecting with the characters. And since the investigation mode is all still images, it seems very plain and uninteresting to me. I’d love to actually be able to move my character around the towns, interact with objects, and actually search for the people I want to talk to.

The Lost Child’s story is very anime like too, which I’m not a fan of. Just like Pokemon, The Lost Child doesn’t seem like its for me.

However, I will continue playing this game and I’m sure this game will get a good review whether I like it personally or not. Sometimes, you find yourself playing a game that you don’t care for, but when you’re a reviewer, you can’t just look at that. If a game is good, its good. So far, The Lost Child is a good game.

Please keep an eye out for my full review of The Lost Child!



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