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The Best Plus Games In PlayStation’s Catalogues

PlayStation is a gaming console that has run for absolute generations, alongside competitors like Xbox and Nintendo consoles. In response to the pressures of other services like Game Pass and Free Play promotions from Microsoft, game trials have now been offered amongst the catalogue of games that they provide. In addition to this, access to cloud gaming is available too.

Of course, to truly have access to these, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee, but considering that once you do, multiple games will be available to play for free, if not a free trial to help you decide. This pass presents itself in two variations, $14.99 or $17.99 a month respectively.  Games there will rotate seasonally, meaning there will be different choices each and every month.

Additionally, for those looking for new gaming experiences above and beyond that of PlayStation services, Fanduel is a great option to explore, for those that like gambling incentives and opportunities.  If you are wondering what you should be playing the next time you log into your PlayStation, the answer is very much simple, this article that we have specially prepared for you will outline it all.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The first game in the promising line up, is a Batman title. Acting as the conclusion to the Rocksteady trilogy, this game is known for the additional features of the Batmobile, in addition the crimes and dungeons that hold multiple mysteries for you to uncover for yourself.

You will travel through Gotham at such high speeds and enter a devious relationship with none other than the Joker. Yup, this is some of the biggest gaming stories out there, and you get to access it for free under the new PlayStation subscription. Not bad, right?


Bloodborne is another PlayStation classic for gamers out there. Coming from the software developers of Lovecraftain, you will see the similar gothic quirks as in other games. As a hunter, it will be your responsibility to stroll through the streets of Yharnam and take on the hostile citizens who wish to take you down.

This game does have similarities to Elden Ring; however, the game does have a more aggressive playing style which many do not accept as newbies to the franchise. The strikes you play in combat can help you regain some of your health back within the game. In addition to this, the heavy armour can help you be more resistant to killing blows from your opponents.


Another game worth adding to the mix, is one that has been mentioned to be mechanically difficult to play-even by professional gamers, so be warned. The game has been said to get brutally difficult as you surpass one level to the next, and it will take you mastering movies exposed to you in each level, to truly be able to take on the next.

The story itself is pretty incredible and has concepts of mental health, acceptance, and wellness to follow up on its storyline. Definitely something many needs, after the pressing years we have all endured as of late.

While it is difficult, it is very enjoyable to play. The character’s journey in the game is very likeable and you will most definitely enjoy playing it, as it challenges your skills in very different ways, in comparison to the gaming rhetoric of the market these days.

Control Ultimate Edition 

Last but not least, we have Control Ultimate Edition, which is essentially like the Lynch film made into a game. This storyline follows a girl who is on the journey through the Bureau of Control.


On her journey, she encounters multiple mysteries, and creepy characters that she must decide are friend or foe. The unexplained objects and cursed figures that she must fight against, make the adventure all the more thrilling and addictive. What makes this game even more enrapturing, is the atmosphere of the story itself.

You feel like you need to escape all the situations that you come across, they are psychologically challenging, making the experience all the more exciting.