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The Bat Fairy Ruins Playmobil Review

Fantasy and Playmobil might not seem like the greatest combination, but…oh who are we kidding! It’s a fantastic combination, and when we had the opportunity to build one of the larger sets from the Ayuma series we were really excited! Let’s dive into the Bat Fairy Runes!


There is a lot going on with this set, and when compared to the other two Playmobil sets we reviews over the pay month – the Waterpark with Slides and the Ping Shelter with Mobile Home – this one was definitely more difficult to put together. Even at almost 4 years old, my youngest could put together a few of the pieces in the other sets, but was completely lost with this one. When I brought my 8 year old upstairs to try, he had similar issues putting the various items in the right places.

So, from a building set stand point, this is one of the more difficult Playmobil sets to get together. There are so many little pieces that need to go in specific sports, and while this may be a negative from a building point of view, it’s fabulous for play!

And that is where this set shines. With numerous characters and magical creatures to play with, this set can easily provide hours of entertainment. And it does, as a few weeks on from putting it together, this set is still in tact up in his room! Outside of the fairies and their beasts, there are birds, spiders, and more for players to use. There are tons of nooks and crannies to hide things in, a telescope for spotting enemies, a mounted crossbow, stairs, torches, and so much more. In terms of accessories, this set has it all, and then some. It’s a pain to put together, but the final product is so worth it!

The set also had an additional light up mechanic that will make the various blue stones on the rocks light up in a dark room. After putting a few batteries in the base – not included with the set – the thing lights up like a Christmas tree. While fun, it’s probably not the best way to try and stay hidden if you are the bad fairies!

There is lots to do with this set, and you will pay a premium to have all these great features. That being said, if you are investing in the Ayuma lineup and have a bunch of the smaller, less expensive sets, this is an easy recommendation to take the play experience to the next level. The set is fairly large and is chalked full of things to play with. Bang for buck, it is actually an incredible value. As an investment in the series, I think it’s one of the best!


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