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Short but Worth It? Behind the Frame

It’s not that often that a video game actually provides less hours-per-dollars-spent than a movie at a theatre. In Canada, to see a movie now is about 11.99 CAD and you will get 1.75 – 2 hours of enjoyment for your money. In Behind the Frame, you will actually pay more money than that, and get less time out of it. At 14.49 CAD, the game isn’t the most expensive thing on the eShop, but with only about an hour of fun to be had, is it worth it?


It really depends on how much you value a work of art. Yes, in some sense, all movies and games are art, but we also can be assured that some do it better than others. And when it comes to artistic direction, musical direction, and storytelling, few do it as well as Behind the Frame. So let’s not bury the lead – Behind the Frame is a fabulous experience and most definitely worth the price of entry.

The video below is a 100% walkthrough of the game. Please watch with caution if you want to enjoy the experience yourself!

In Behind a Frame, you will unravel the games story by painting and finishing a number of paintings. Some you will do from scratch, in a paint-by-numbers sort of way where you need to put specific colours in specific areas of the painting. Aside from that, there are some light movement and puzzle elements that you will need to work through, including making breakfast, finishing your resume, solving a light puzzle in a notebook, sorting out a lock puzzle, and a bit more. But mostly, the game focuses on painting, and fixing paintings that are not finished. For example, you will need to paint a few umbrellas on a painting, or fill in the sun.

It’s hard to review without spoiling, but rest assured this is one worth playing. The art is fantastic. The music is fantastic. The gameplay is fantastic. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!


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