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Are you tired of the adventure/visual novel games that make you play as the detective who solves the murder? What about a game where you are the killer and you’re trying to get away with it? Look for the fall guy (or gal), make sure you get the insurance and have your happy ending! Welcome to Overboard! for the Nintendo Switch. Is this something you’ll enjoy? Let’s start plotting a review.


If you don’t have a dark sense of humor, then maybe you shouldn’t play this game. Maybe you shouldn’t even read this review. However, if you do like a joke or two involving throwing a guy overboard a cruise ship, then jump right in!

Overboard! for the Nintendo Switch is an Adventure game/visual novel where you play as Killer who just murdered her husband. And the game isn’t taking it very seriously. There is so much humor in this game. I found myself laughing a lot. Is that wrong? Maybe!

Right away, I wanted to do all the bad stuff. You might too. Just go ahead and do it. Do whatever. The game is very short but it has a lot of replay value and its encouraging you to actually go back and do things again.

Overboard! keeps track of how many attempts you are making. It also gives you clues on how to commit the perfect crime. The perfect crime in the game. Do not attempt this real life, okay?

There is some voice acting at the beginning of the game, however most of the game isn’t voiced. Thats a shame. I think full voice acting would’ve been amazing and made the game even better. Oh well. The music is this game is really great though.


And the game’s graphics are pretty nice. There is some animation but the game is mostly static drawings. Its really well drawn. Some dialogue and scenes are presented in a comic book like style, while others are presented in a more straight forward style where you see two characters standing near each other. Both styles are very nice.

Theres also a neat “world map” of sorts for the boat, where you pick which area you want to go to and then press the go button. The controls for picking dialogue and going places are simple (there’s optional touch screen controls even) and work very well.

Overboard! also has options to slow down or speed up the text that appears on screen and you can even turn off the game’s curse words if you want. But why would you want to do that? I’m not sure. I’m just not sure…

If you are looking for an adventure/visual novel where you can kill someone (or more than one person) and get away with it…

First of all: what’s wrong with you?!

Second of all: you should play Overboard!


Its a short experience that you’ll want to relive over and over and over again until you get it right. You may even want to play after that. I can’t be sure because I’m really bad at crime okay? Give me a break!

Overboard! gets an 8.0 out of 10.

Thank you to inkle for providing a digital code for this review. Overboard! is now available for the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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