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Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Announced For Tuesday 6/28

Nintendo announced a Direct Mini for Tuesday (6/28). We have more information about it below and some thoughts on it.


A Nintendo Direct Mini will air tomorrow (6/28) at 8am central time. It is a partner showcase and will have info on third party games. It will be 25 minutes long!

So, of course, this means there will be no Nintendo games shown during the Showcase. What exactly could be shown?

Well, first of all, its very likely that we’ll see at least one Square Enix game. Square mentioned that more of Dragon Quest Treasures would be shown this month and since its almost the end of the month…well, it seems like Treasures will be part of the Showcase tomorrow. Tactics Orge is another title that might be shown by Square tomorrow. A remaster or remake of the game was leaked earlier this month.

A lot of people are hoping that at least one Persona game gets announced too. Its possible this could be a jrpg heavy Direct mini.

Another game that could possibly be shown off is Mario and Rabbids 2. Its techically a third party game, since its developed by Ubisoft, so Nintendo could bring it in as a surprise. This is possibly the least likely of our suggestions though.

The Direct mini is only 25 mintues but Nintenod is known for packing a lot into their directs. With no regular Nintendo Direct in sight, hopefully Nintendo will deliver an excellent third party showcase!

What do you think of this Direct mini? What do you hope they show off?


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