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More Thoughts From Me Special Edition: Final Fantasy 16 Saves Today’s State of Play

Playstation had an all-new State of Play today. And it was…well it was okay. It wasn’t the worst State of Play they’ve had nor it was it the best. There were three big announcements though that really saved it. Of course, the game that put it over the top was Final Fantasy 16! But what about the other two? Let’s talk about today’s State of Play!

WOW. Did you see that Final Fantasy 16 trailer?! That was pretty amazing right?

I have to admit to being a little nervous about the battle system. It looks very Devil May Cry meets Street Fighter. But the graphics are jaw dropping! The story looks interesting too. I’m also a complete sucker for seeing all of the Summons! They looked amazing. Final Fantasy 16 absolutely saved this State of Play.

That said, there were too other announcements that made me happy. The first was a Resident Evil 4 remake. I love that game. The new version looks incredible. Wow. Thank you Capcom. Though I have to say that the new Street Fighter game looks so-so. Anyway…

The second announcement great announcement?


Yes, Tunic is finally out of being an Xbox exclusive game and its coming to the PS4/PS5 this year. I’m hoping that means it’ll find its way to the Nintendo Switch too. That game looks really neat.

The rest of the State of Play was just ok. Stray does looks neat but as for the rest, I’m not a VR fan and there were just too many horror/zombie games in this one over all. I’m sure some people were really happy with this one. I do think that Final Fantasy 16 and also Tunic and Resident Evil 4 helped but it was far from Sony’s best showing. That had to be the one with the KOTOR remake. Still, not a bad start for Gaming Season.

Though I bet that Xbox/Bethesda’s event will be a lot better than this one. And the Nintendo Direct too. Who knows if Summer Game Fest will be awesome or not.

What did you think of today’s State of Play? Did you like it? And what gaming event are you looking forward to next?


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