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More Thoughts From Me #227: Sega! Classics!

I was a Nintendo kid growing up, so I didn’t play very many Sega games. I played Sonic, everybody played Sonic, but not many of the other games. Over the years, I have played a few more Sega games, like Beyond Oasis and recently the first Phantasy Star, but there are still a lot of Sega games I haven’t played. Recently, I decided to get the Sega Genesis Classics collection for Nintendo Switch (helped that it was on sale). What do I think of it?


When I decided to get the Sega Genesis Classic collection it was mostly because of the Phantasy Star games. I had played the first one recently and I wanted to check out the other ones. I’ll get back to them but lets talk about some other games I discovered on the way.

I had never played Streets of Rage. Any of them. I wasn’t sure if they’d be my type of game. I really enjoy them though. Like many people have said, the second one seems to be the best one.

I also had never played either ToeJam and Earl! They are both really weird and wacky games. I love them. The second one is a bit easier to get into since its a platformer but I enjoy both of them.

Beyond Oasis and Columns were games I had played before but I liked revisiting them here. It was cool to get to play the Shinobi games and the different shooters in the collection.

The main reason I bought the collection, as I said earlier, is the Phantasy Star games! And boy have they been worth it. Two and three are good but the fourth game, oh man, wow, that is so great. I love it! I’ve been having so much fun playing that game.

Also, speaking of fun, I haven’t even mention the game’s menu system. Its so very great. It really is the best looking menu for any game collection I’ve seen. It looks like someone’s bedroom, with a game shelf where you can choose your games, posters on the walls, a TV with a Genesis hooked up, and more.

I like how when you chose a game, the cart is put into the system and loaded up on the TV. A neat little extra was one time where I hadn’t played Phantasy Star 4 for a little bit and before the game was put in, it was blown into! Very old school. Wow.

The Sega Genesis Classics Collection really is a treasure trove. I like so many of the games and have never played most of them before! I’m so glad I got this collection.

What do you think of the Genesis Collection? What is your favorite game in it? Mine is obviously Phantasy Star 4!

Next week: Some thoughts on this weeks explosion of game announcements. Was it as good as E3? What was the best announcement?

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Ok, time to get back to Phantasy Star 4.


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