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More Thoughts From Me #226: Where Is Nintendo?

Last month, Nintendo revealed Paper Mario: The Origami King to us. After that, well, they have been pretty silent about new things. Where is Nintendo? What are they up to? The following are my guesses on when we should expect news and what that news might be!


Nintendo has been quiet lately (well expect for that Jump Rope game). Too quiet. What are they up to? When will we get (real) news next?

Many people think that we’ll get news soon about the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character. It is an ARMS character. That news should be coming soon.

We should also be getting news about the next Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC soon too.

What about big game announcements though? Will Nintendo announce anything else soon?

With Paper Mario: The Origami King right around the corner, its doubtful that Nintendo would announce anything else before that unless they do a Nintendo Direct with Origami King in it. And it doesn’t look like Nintendo is going to do any Nintendo Directs anytime soon…

Of course, Nintendo loves to surprise its fans. So we could get a new game announcement or a Nintendo Direct at any time.

My guess is that we won’t get a Nintendo Direct till after The Origami King. Perhaps in late July or in early August. I don’t think they’ll be any big games released in August. Maybe a third party title? Of course Nintendo might surprise announce a game sometime this month or next for August.

We can hope that we’ll see a Nintendo Direct in July or August. Its been awhile. Its understandable that the real world situation has delayed things for them. Hopefully with things opening back up soon, Nintendo can take the proper precautions and have its teams putting together a new Nintendo Direct.

I love Nintendo. I hope we see them back in action soon. I know why they haven’t been doing much. Its the reason nobody has been doing much. But I’d love to see Nintendo bring some more joy to gamers. We could all use to some good news!

As to what that good news might be…well, I’m still hoping for a Mario Golf game. I’d love to see an update about the second Breath of the Wild too. Other than that, I’m not sure what else Nintendo will bring to the table. Hopefully there will be some cool surprises in store for 2020 and beyond!

What do you think Nintendo announce? When do you think they’ll announce something next? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

Next week: I downloaded Sega Genesis Classics Collection recently for the Nintendo Switch. It was on sale. I have never played most of these games. Next week I’ll tell you which games I think are the best in this collection and why.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I miss Nintendo’s big E3 events. Hopefully they will return next year!


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