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Minecraft At E3 2017

Microsoft has broken the console barrier by bringing Minecraft multiplayer gaming to everyone, no matter the platform. That’s right, if you are on Xbox One and your friend is on Nintendo Switch, you can play together.


This is actually really big for the gaming community, as this type of console interaction has always been desired, but rarely given. Because of different interests, consoles rarely interact with each other. Yes, there is a healthy respect for each other, but Xbox is looking out for Xbox, Nintendo for Nintendo, and Sony for Sony.

Unfortunately, Sony is not included in this cross play, which equal parts understandable and yet equal part odd. I know Sony and Microsoft compete hard in the console marketplace, but this is for the gamers!

We shouldn’t be shocked by this announcement, though, which is why the news today about multiplayer Minecraft across multiple platforms should be surprising, and also very exciting. This experience will also include the ability to share maps and skins, also across different devices.

Minecraft is now a universal experience, no matter where you game. I hope this cross platform multiplayer gaming will also apply to user created maps as well. To be able to work on a custom build at home, and on the go via my Switch, would be fantastic. Is this also an option Mojang? We hope so!

An update for Minecraft is coming soon to give the game 4K support. For these announcements today, we only see the Minecraft family growing!


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