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May 2016 Loot Crate Unboxing and Review


I have been anticipating my Loot Crate this entire month. I just recently signed up with Loot Crate’s affiliate program, and waiting for that first box to arrive here at GamesReviews has been brutal. But, it has arrived, and our unboxing video can be seen directly below this introduction. Wondering what I thought of all the items that came in this months box? Jump below the video to get a breakdown of each and every item that came in the box! Special shout out to Andrea at Loot Crate for all her help setting this up for us! Be sure to grab your own Loot Crate and use the coupon code GAMESREVIEWS to save a few dollars!

The Hulk QFig figure is one of the best figures I’ve ever seen, and it much better than the standard Funko Pop’s that come in many of these subscription boxes. I know a few months ago a Deadpool QFig was put into the Loot Crate, so I’m hoping this is a trend that might continue with each subsequent Loot Crate. As I said in the video, this figure really reminds me of the Disney Infinity Hulk figure, and that is a good thing. The level of detail on this particular figure is really good, and there isn’t any manufacturing imperfections, a common problem with these mass produced figures. Overall, this is easily the best item in this months crate, and since all the items are pretty good, that is saying something!

The Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt is really awesome. I really like when subscription boxes throw in a practical item that can get a lot of every day use. This item is already hanging from my stove in my kitchen, and thank goodness my wife loves Marvel, otherwise it might not be so lucky. Loot Crate, if you are listening, providing at least one practical item in each box is something you should consider going forward. I know not every one of your subscription holders has use for kitchen items, but this guy does…and he loves them!

The Loot Crate pins have vastly improved year over year. I remember getting a crate as a gift early last year and getting a button instead of a pin. The buttons are cool, but I really do like that Loot Crate has upgraded to pins. They are more durable, last longer, and look much better than a standard button. This months pin unlocks some exclusive stuff in Battleborn (which I own and we have reviewed on GamesReviews) so I’ll definitely be checking that out!

The least impressive item in this months box turned out to be my sons favorite item in the box, so that’s really great. While I’m not a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z – or plushies in general – it was great to see my sons eyes light up when he took that item out of the box. It is hooked onto his backpack and will accompany him to school tomorrow so he can show his friends. He’s just recently become interested in Dragon Ball Z so this is the perfect item for him! Loot Crate, you made a six year old boys day, week, and possibly even month!

Finally, this months tShirt is themed to reflect the upcoming Warcraft movie. While I don’t plan on seeing the video in theatres – I’m not a HUGE Warcraft fan afterall – I will watch it eventually. And when I do, I’ll be wearing this really cool shirt. The design itself is awesome; it’s something I would have actually liked to get as a print to hang on my wall. This shirt might not come out that often, but every once in a while when I want the world to know I’m a nerd, I’ll throw this on to prove it. Again, another great shirt from Loot Crate.

Overall, this box gets a big thumbs up from us here at Although all the items were not my cup of tea, the items I wasn’t a huge fan off really put a smile on my sons face. For that reason, I think this is a great box. The Hulk figure will look great in my office or on my gaming shelf, the tShirt design is excellent, and I’ll get daily use out of the Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt. I think Loot Crate did a great job this month, and I look forward to seeing what they do 30 days from now!


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