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Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales Will Be Coming to the Playstation 5 This Year

We all knew that another Spider-man game was coming from Insomniac. We all knew they were working on it. We just had no clue that it was actually coming this year! And that it would be shown during the PS5 event today. Whew.

Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales only got a short tease during the PS5 event but thats all we really need. Oh man. The game is coming this holiday season 2020!

Miles Morales is freaking cool. Go watch Into the Spider-verse. Do that now. I’ll wait.

Seen it yet?

I’m waiting.

Okay, look Into the Spider-verse is amazing. It was like a comic book brought to life. And Miles rocked that movie. Now Miles is the star of the next Spider-man game. Its so cool.

Based on the preview, it looks similar to the PS4 Spider-man in some ways and in other ways, reminds me of Into the Spider-verse. If it can reach the right blend of those two things, which I believe it can, than Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales will be even better than the PS4 Spider-man game.

I am mega hyped for this game. There is apart of me that hopes its coming to the Playstation 4 also but then theres another part of me that hopes its not. It is totally possible that some of these games will be for PS4 and PS5. That usually happens at the beginning of a new console.

If Sony is ultra smart, they won’t make this game for the PS4 too. I say that because if this is a PS5 exclusive game, then the PS5 will be a must own system this year.

Wow. I think even if this game is on the PS4, everyone is going to want the PS5 anyway. There are so many great games coming for it…

Whew. What do you think of Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales?


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