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How to Upgrade Your Tools – Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Preview

A hallmark of Story of Season titles is having the ability to upgrade your tools. Upgraded tools across most farming simulation games allow you to not only tackle larger and more difficult tasks, but also consume less energy, giving your more stamina points to work with each and every day. Maximizing stamina is key in maximizing profits, as well as giving you more time to spend doing other things around Mineral Town, like wooing a lucky guy or gal!


But exactly how do you get your tools upgraded? It’s pretty simple really, although the game doesn’t let you know unless you do a bit of digging. Shout out here to the games fantastic manual offered on the main menu! Be sure to check it out!

Quick and Easy Steps – Details Below

  1. Use your tool enough times to level it up.
  2. Mine the ore necessary to upgrade your tool to the next available tier.
  3. Bring your tool and the necessary ore to the forge, and have it upgraded!


In Friends of Mineral Town, you cannot just upgrade a tool the second you get the ore required to do so. Rather, the game forces you to use that tool for an extended period of time before it ‘levels up’ and allows you to then get it upgraded at the forge.

Of course that begs the question of hwere you might find ore. In Friends of Mineral Town, there are two mines available, that will produce a number of different ores and gems. Both the Spring Mine and the Lake Mine are located in the bottom left corner of the map. Note, the Lake Mine can only be accessed in Winter by walking across the ice and into the mine! Head here to get the ore you need.


Once you have the required ore, the forge can be found by leaving town and heading East at the first opportunity you get. The forge will be north of the path!


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