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How to Spend Your First Day – Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Preview

If you are unfamiliar with the Story of Seasons or Harvest Moon franchises, your first day in the game can be pretty daunting. What do you do? Where do you go? Should you spend a ton of stamina cleaning up your field?


Everything in Friends of Mineral Town has time attached to it. Zach, the shipment guru always comes at 5:00 PM to collect your goods. If you ship goods after 5:00 PM, you won’t get paid for them until the following night. Similarly, stores also have dates and times for when they are open, and that is why maximizing day one is so important.

Once you make it through the games tutorial and meet Thomas the Mayor and Zach the shipping guru, you go to bed and wake up to begin your first day, Spring Day 1. What do you do? Where do you go?


Quick and Easy Steps – Details Below

  1. Clear four, 9×9 plots on your farm.
  2. Eat a few of the berries laying to the left of your house.
  3. Head to the General Store before 5:00 PM and purchase 4 bags of Turnips. You can alter this to plan any available Spring crops. Potatoes are 150/bag so you can buy 3; Cucumbers are 200/bag so you can buy 2.
  4. Return to your farm and plant your Turnips on your 9×9 areas.
  5. Water your turnips before heading to bed.


Before you do anything, be sure to grab the hoe, watering can, and pedometer from the chest next to the house. If you plan to break up rocks and branches for the resources – as opposed to just picking them up and selling as scrap – be sure to grab the axe and hammer as well. For your first day, we highly recommend not wasting energy on breaking up rocks and branches! You will need it!

First, it’s important to note that a single bag of seeds that you can purchase at the General Store will cover a 3×3 space on your farm. In other games, seed bags are used on a singular plot of land, so one bag fills one 1×1 space. With the 500 gold coins you begin with (assuming you did not choose the easier mode), you are wealthy enough to purchase 4 bags of turnips. So step one…clear four, 9×9 areas to plan your turnips. While you can clear more, you are wasting valuable stamina (limited to 150) you will need later.


As a handy reference, each action will consume 2 energy points. So hoeing a 9×9 plot will cost you 18 energy points. Multiply that by 4, and just hoeing the plots will take 72 of your 150 energy. If you take that one step further, watering also costs 2 energy points per action, which is an additional 72 of your 150 energy.

Thankfully, you can find some berries by the tree to the left of your house, and you should pick these up and use them when necessary. Also keep an eye on your time. If you work too late, you will begin the next day with fewer energy points. In my case, I made it into bed incredibly late, and started the next day at only 110/150. Time management is incredibly important!


As a quick tip, it’s best to clear your fields before heading to purchase your turnips. As you clear fields, you might come across money buried in the ground. Collect enough extra cash and you might be able to afford 5 bags of seeds, instead of 4. You might also get lucky and find an apple, which will permanently increase your stamina! I found one on Day 1!

Once you have cleared your 4, 9×9 patches, it’s off to the General Store to purchase seeds. It is important to note two things. One, the General Store closes at 5:00 PM, so be sure to travel to the top right of the town to purchase your seeds; and second, the General Store is closed on Tuesdays, so if you fail to get your seeds on Spring Day 2, you won’t be able to get them in the ground until Day 3. While this may not seem like a big deal, depending on the number of days it takes plants to grow, you could miss out on an extra growing cycle in Spring Year 1!

Get back to your farm with your new seeds, get them into the ground and watered before heading to bed. If you planned your day out right, and ate the berries, and got to bed at a decent hour, you should be good to go for Spring Day 3!  If you do everything right, you should have a nice crop to harvest on the first Friday in the game, Spring Day 6!


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