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How to Play Blackjack Online with a Friend

Gone are the days when you needed to visit a casino to play blackjack with your friends. If you have an iPhone, an android device or any Internet-enabled tablet, you’re good to play blackjack. If you prefer to use your desktop or laptop for gaming, these are also great options for playing 21.

There are several variations of Blackjack. Most apps only support Texas Hold ‘em. Luckily for you, this article reviews all the apps and sites that can help you and your friend play your favourite blackjack game.

Blackjack 21 by Banana & Co

This is one of the most liked blackjack apps on Google Play Store. Downloaded more than one million times and backed by a 4.8/5 rating from 130,000 users, people love Blackjack 21. There are a lot of reasons to love the app anyway.

The graphics are HD quality and the music playing in the background is ever soothing. The controls are easy to use and there are features to track your progress. You get an alert before the deck is shuffled and alerts when you win or loses.

Blackjack 21 is also designed to suit different players. There are multiple tables featuring different themes and different types of games like black hole slot. VIP club players also have special tables. Their chips are also custom to hold more value than players in the beginner’s tables.

Blackjack 21 by Kama Games

Like the app by Banana & Co, this app is also popular with players. It has been downloaded 10 million times when you include both android and iOS downloads. Its ratings are top-notch, the graphics are good and a multiplayer feature ensure you can always play with your friends even when they’re away.

If you’re friends are not around, the app allows you to compete against players from all parts of the world. Winning multiple times helps you unlock achievements and increase the rewards you receive. You also get to improve your rank and play with people who are equally successful at the game.


New players shouldn’t shy away from the game though. Its tutorial mode takes you every rule in blackjack and lets you practice frequently before you can start competing with international players.

Online Casinos

Casino websites are custom built to support all kinds of gambling games. They also tend to have a high number of card game variations. With blackjack, you find not only 21 but also Blackjack Vegas Strip, Spanish 21, Pontoon, European and Progressive jackpot blackjack games.

Remember that online casinos are only legal in some countries or regions. And you should only only play at authorized websites. For example, each state in the US determines if online gambling is legal or illegal. Sites like USA Online Casino Finder are useful as they list legal online casinos for each state where players can sign up.

Modern gambling platform also don’t require you to download apps. Create an account on a good site and play the demo mode. If you like the casino, deposit money and wager. That’s how it works. For payments, you can use just about any banking option. From bank transfers to credit cards, PayPal to cryptocurrencies, there is always a casino willing to accept your preferred banking option. If you are in search of such a casino, you can check out LuckyIllinois, as the gambling platform offers a huge variety of banking options and cryptocurrencies to players. This is one of the reasons, why it is the most popular gambling website in Illinois. You can probably see as well that companies who invest heavy in seo services would be more visible to potential users as well.

Play here and you won’t have to create an account or deposit real money. The game is available on the home page. All you have to do is to place your bets with chips given free of charge. Once you learn how to play the game well, you could also accept free bonuses to play blackjack at real money online casinos.

But before then, helps you enjoy blackjack casually and without any costs. The website is accessible on both desktops and mobile devices. Again, it’s more than a gaming platform for blackjack. It’s an online resource site where you could learn the best strategies to increase your odds of winning.

You also get to learn the benefits and disadvantages of blackjack compared to other card games like baccarat, poker and roulette. That way, you can exposes yourself to more casino games that are easy to win when you have proper skills and strategies.

Blackjack 21 by Abzorba Games

Featuring ultra-realistic graphics, bonuses galore and an online multiplayer that matches you players from around the world, this is one of the best games to play. There are lots of tournaments taking place at any time of the day. The winner takes it all in most competitions but there are also competitions where you get rewarded you complete as a runner’s up.


Like most blackjack apps, this games also lets you go head on against the dealer. Some people feel playing against the dealer is unfair. However, learn a few strategies and it’s possible to beat the dealer with time.

Blackjack Free

If you love apps that don’t take up a lot of space, Blackjack free is one of the best games to download. The games takes up less than 10MB of your phone’s internal storage and offers all the perks of modern live blackjack online apps.

The game’s graphics are impressive and it’s designed in such a way that your rank improves the more you play. A free mode helps hone your skills if you’re new to the game while the multiplayer helps you play 21 with people from all over the world.

My Vegas Blackjack 21

The name alone tells you of the experience to expect when playing this game. My Vegas takes you to Las Vegas with its stellar graphics and realistic table games. The whole app is designed to optimize your gaming experience.

There are several player modes in the game, including SHAQ jack, Single deck and free bet blackjack. You can play against a dealer or compete with your friends through online multiplayer modes. My Vegas also promises real-world gifts to high rollers who constantly purchase chips with real money on the platform.


Overall, this app is beautiful. It’s popular, with 5 million downloads and great ratings. Another perk in this game is that it’s properly maintained. It’s always running with no down times 24/7.

To Conclude

Blackjack is one of the best table games to play. But in most platforms, you may be required to deposit real cash to play. The apps outlined above are all free. They are easy to uses and mostly support multiplayer features. So, if you’ve ever wanted to play 21 with a friend, simply find any of the apps.


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