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Fusion Wired Pro Control from PowerA is Delightful!

I’m not usually one to recommend wired controllers, mostly because the quality difference and the wireless v. wired advantage, it’s hard to ever recommend a cheaper, wired controller over an official, 64.99 Xbox controller. That really changes with the FUSION Wired Pro Controller from PowerA, and excellent, pro controller with all the bells and whistles of Xbox’s official wireless pro controller, but at 1/2 the price. Let’s take a look!


When you unbox the Fusion controller, you are met with something that feels premium. Everything is stored inside a hard storage case, like the one you get should you purchase the Xbox wireless controller. In side is the controller, detachable paddles, accessories for customizing the controller, and the cable packed away in a mesh pocket. Everything feels very premium. Once completely built, with the cable plugged in, it comes in noticeably heavier than a regular Xbox controller.

The premium look and feel extends to the controller buttons, joysticks, and optional back paddles as well. They feel great to press, and after using for over two months, I can tell you it’s a premium feeling product at a modest price. All the attachments allowed me to customize the controller how I wanted, and while perhaps a few other thumbstick would have been nice, there is still a great variety.

The controller does come with a few limitations, however. The cable is only a few feet long, which won’t be sufficient in most console gaming environments. On a computer, this won’t be an issue at all. Also, while the controller would turn on my Xbox One X, it wouldn’t turn on my Xbox Series X, which seems like an odd thing to happen. I’m unsure if this isolated to myself, but it’s worth noting. The controller also doesn’t have a share button; whether that matters to you or not will depend on how often you use the share functionality.

Still, if you are looking for a premium controller and do a lot of gaming at a desk, I highly recommend this one from PowerA. If you are sitting half a dozen feet away from a TV, however, it’s likely something you will pass on.

This controller was provided by PowerA for this review.


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