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Do Not Sell That Grass: Nature Sprites – Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Preview

In your first season or two of play, there are a number of things you really want to accomplish to maximize your experience, maximize your funds, and more. Key objectives like upgrading your house, getting a fridge, getting a bigger pack and basket, are just a few of the things you’ll want to accomplish. To get that all done, however, will take some help, and that is where Nature Sprites come in!


If you open your game menu and move over to the relationships, you will see there is a Nature Sprites section, which will be greyed out until you meet and interact with at least one of the various Harvest Sprites. Meeting them early and building relationships with them is key!

Head to the top right corner of the town, and you’ll find a path somewhat hidden beside and behind the church. Head down that path and you will arrive at the home of the Nature Sprites. Like shops, the Nature Sprites home will not be open all the time, so be weary of when you are attempting to visit. Early in the morning or late at night will be a no go! Once inside, you will see the various Nature Sprites that you can befriend.


So how does one do this – it’s simple really, and is reliant on the different coloured grass you will find laying around. Don’t sell it, but rather store it in your inventory. Each colour of grass aligns with a specific Nature Sprite – early on, you are likely only to find blue, yellow, and orange grass. Please note that these grasses are seasonal. With the appropriate coloured grass in your inventory, walk up the the similarly coloured Nature Sprite and present them this gift!

It will only take 2 or 3 days of doing this to get a Nature Sprite to 3 hearts, which is enough to start asking them to help out on your farm, either watering crops (our early recommendation), harvesting crops, or taking care of animals.

There is one colour caveat though – there are is technically a blue Nature Sprite and an aqua Nature Sprite. Agua will not enjoy blue grass, so instead, share honey with him from the tree on your farm.

The more a Nature Sprite engages in a specific task, the better they become at it. You can check how experienced they are doing a specific chore by selecting them in the menu. If you want to ‘level’ up a Nature Sprite but don’t have animals (for example), you can still do this by playing little minigames with the Nature Sprites. These are easy fun ways to interact with your new little friends, and provide a nice experience boost to that particular skill!

Getting these Nature Sprites on board to help you early will be huge, allowing you to do other tasks that often you lack time for, including harvesting materials for home upgrades, increasing your relationships with characters, and more.


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