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Cars: Driven to Win Launching 06/13

My excitement for Pixar games is pretty none-existent, but my seven year old son goes bananas for these types of games. Just recently, I was showing him the teaser trailer for Cars: Driven to Win and decided to capture a few of his observations in a short article as we move towards launch day next Tuesday, June 13th.

Apparently, my son Logan is pretty excited. Not only is he hyped for a new Cars movie, but was really excited that a game would be launching alongside the movie on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (as well as last generation consoles). Ideally, he has said, he wants me to pick it up for him on the Switch so that he can play on-the-go. As a kid centric title, it’s probably the system I would opt for anyways.

The above Gameplay Trailer actually changed my opinion slightly, and now I see this as a game that I might really enjoy myself, and will give me the opportunity to play with my son. Lately, only Nintendo has been offering us these types of games, so it is great to see Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment shooting off another family friendly title (to go along with recently released LEGO City Undercover). Warner Bros. and their associated developers are seeing the value of family gaming on Nintendo Switch, so I’m expecting a lot out of them in the years to come. So far, things have been pretty good.


What Logan sees here is a Mario Kart like experience but with the Cars franchise. He’s looking forward to racing and fighting on the tracks, and I’m looking forward to doing that with him. While many media outlets might not give Cars: Driven to Win the time of day, I hope to have a few follow up articles on the game after release, attempting to capture the thoughts churning inside the head of my seven year old son!



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