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A Sea of Thieves Life for Me?

Recently I got an Xbox Series S and Gamepass. I’ve been playing a lot of different games. One of the games I’ve wanted to play for awhile now is Sea of Thieves. I always thought the game looked neat! And now I’ve played the game a little bit and here are my first thoughts on it.


Sea of Thieves has been out for awhile now. I heard about the game and I knew it had a bit of a mixed reaction when it first came out. I still thought it looked really good and secretly wished I could check it out! And now I have!

I first dived into Sea of Thieves via its tutorial. A cool pirate ghost on a small island taught me how to get my sword, dig for treasure, and then pointed me toward my ship. I learned how to set sail and then it was off to the main game. Well, it would’ve been but I had to go to sleep.

The next day, I went back to Sea of Thieves. It was time to check out the full game. Instead of trying to take on a quest, I decided I would just go sailing and check out the various islands. If you’ve ever played Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and didn’t like the sailing in that game, then Sea of Thieves is not for you. A lot of people complained about how it took forever to get anywhere in Wind Waker. Sea of Thieves is much the same. It takes awhile to get to the different islands. Sailing is pretty slow.

I really like it though; I liked sailing in Wind Waker too. The only minor complaint I’d have is that it can difficult to see whats in front of you with the sail blocking your view sometimes. Still sailing to different islands is neat.

I don’t have a crew so I’m sailing by myself. In the small ship that I have, its not difficult to set sail at all. I should admit though that I’m still learning to steer. I did run the boat into some mountains once and it took on so much damage that the ship sunk. D’oh! Sinking the ship is an experience for sure. I thought I was going to get a game over but no. Instead, I had to go look for a mermaid and it brought my ship back. It took me to find an island too! I found new treasure there and then headed off in search of other islands.


In my travels, I found a glowing skull, a strange energy weapon staff, a cave, and skeletons that wouldn’t leave me alone! Oh and I found that I had a fishing rod. I had no idea. I was looking in my items and there it was. I am a huge fan of fishing in video games so of course, I went off to fish some. I didn’t catch anything on the island I was on, but later, I fished from my ship and caught a fish. I think I’ll get better at the fishing with time.


Eventually, I found an outpost and went shopping. I got a new shovel. Decided not to get anything else at the moment. I did, however, see my first fellow pirate (another player). He followed me around a little and I ran into him again myself. We didn’t attack each other. Oh and then I made the mistake of going out to sea and finding a mermaid. My ship spawned by an lone island and…ALL OF MY TREASURES WERE GONE.  Well, the ones I stored on the ship like the glowing skull and staff. Yeah, I’m a total newbie.

Oh well. I’m figuring it out. I’m really enjoying Sea of Thieves. I don’t think I’ll be playing with other players but who knows. If I find a cool crew, maybe. Though, honestly, I’ve always been a bit of a lone wolf. I just can’t wait to go find more treasure and fish some more. The open world of Sea of Thieves is so cool.

Perhaps I’ll write about Sea of Thieves again sometime. Until then, tell me: have you played Sea of Thieves? What do you think of it?


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