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5 Best VR Games For Kids

Virtual Reality headsets are now becoming affordable for all. In previous times, virtual reality headsets were quite expensive; now, it’s different; one can easily afford them without spending much money.


Considering how VR headsets have gotten cheap, gaming is a significant activity people love with this high tech hardware. And although most virtual reality platforms have games targeted at adults, kids can enjoy fun and immersive games like Beat Saver, Half-Life: Alyx, and much more. Most virtual reality platforms have an extensive library of games kids can want.

Kids love enjoying VR games and enjoy exploring the Digital collectibles that come with games; there’s no denying that, and for some kids, games can be a great way to learn, from playing cooking games; to learning how to cook to playing puzzle games that build cognitive and fine motor skills.

And of course, there are also VR games; kids aren’t meant to play, as violent games aren’t good for them. Nonetheless, there are lots of games kids can play on VR platforms.

Can VR be dangerous for kids?

It’s been stated by VR headset makers that only kids above 12 should be allowed to play VR games; even more so, it’s scientifically proven that children who use VR for a long time stand a risk of having eye damage.

Nonetheless, if parents can supervise their children’s VR usage, then a child playing with a VR headset isn’t a big deal – and this means limited use and strict supervision of games being played by kids.

Also, another precaution parents must take before handing their kids a VR headset is to always clear the room for kids to play. Why? When kids put on some VR headsets, they can run around and swing their arms and hit objects around, which isn’t too safe for them.

If parents take proper precautions before allowing their kids to use a VR headset, VR gaming is fun for kids.

Fun VR Games For Kids

Beat Saber

The Star Wars media franchise has influenced lots of beautiful games, and it has entertained lots of family members extending through generations. It’s become a widespread cultural phenomenon.

For all who love the Star Wars franchise and those who don’t, imagine holding two large light sabres and chopping blocks to beat the music in a virtual HD world; well, which kid wouldn’t love that? Hard to find one.

In Beat Saber, as a player, you get to slice blocks with a lightsaber while bumping to the beat of songs; game sessions are the same length as the song length, so kids get to play short game sessions that are fun and healthy.

The Cooking Game VR

The Cooking Game VR is a fantastic game for kids who love to cook. As a player, you get to be a chef tasked with filling customers’ orders for fast foods like hotdogs, hamburgers, and French fries.

The tools needed by a cook are there for you to make your cooking experience fun and easy; you need to deliver orders as quickly as possible.


Astrobot is a nice game for kids; it has excellent graphics and visuals that appeal to kids. Astro Bot is a platformer game that’s easy for kids of all ages to enjoy. Even families can play Astro Bot together.

Candy Kingdom VR

The Candy Kingdom is specifically designed for kids; players get to use guns to shoot treats to attain a high score; they shoot targets and gingerbread men. The Candy Kingdom has no form of violence; it has colourful graphics and is easy to play. When players hit the mark, it makes a fun, playful sound.

Angry Birds VR

Angry Birds is a popular media franchise, its game was viral on mobile gaming platforms, and then movies based on the games were released, and people loved them. Now it’s on VR gaming platforms.

The VR game version is similar to the mobile version; while players swipe with their fingers on mobile platforms, in the VR version, players use a slingshot to swing birds to crash objects.


Gaming is a fun way to improve one’s cognitive skills, which is no exception for kids. When kids play games, they learn a lot and become better thinkers.