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Harry Potter Labyrinth Review

When Ravensburger sent me a note asking if we’d like to review Harry Potter Labyrinth, my family and I were incredibly excited. We’ve had a copy of regular Labyrinth for a while now, and while it’s not the deepest game, especially for adults, it was fun to play with the kids.


The initial disappointment we felt was that Harry Potter Labyrinth is not anything wildly different than the regular game. We half expected this experience to have a few different rules, or perhaps a twist on the formula that would make this game play differently than the other. However, after that initial feeling, we realized that, if we never had the original Labyrinth, this would be the version we would want to buy.

If you want to know how to play Harry Potter Labyrinth, we have written up all the details here!

blankIt’s fun to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter while playing a board game. Collecting the various witches and wizards is a fun exercise, and even allowed me to become more familiar with characters from the books and movies that perhaps I wouldn’t have known before hand.

It’s Labyrinth, but with a great twist that any Harry Potter fan would appreciate. If this is your first go with the franchise, then you’ll be pleasantly impressed with what the game has to offer. What we really appreciate is how easy this is for kids to pick up, and yet how much strategy is required to make sure you can properly map out your path to the finish. It’s in that rare space that so few games occupy – an experience that is good for kids and adults.

And we won’t sugar coat it. It’s not all perfect. The 2012 Labyrinth remake used 4 small coloured wizards for moving around the board, and we half expected the Harry Potter version to have some great little miniatures to play with. Unfortunately, it’s only 4 little pawns in this set, even less impressive than the version we had played before.

Does this impact the game? No, definitely not, but it’s a missed opportunity in our opinion to make this game even better than it already is.

We still highly recommend Harry Potter Labyrinth. If you enjoy the adventures of Harry Potter and the rest of the Wizarding World, you will find lots to love in this simple, yet fantastic, game for adults and kids!


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