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More Thoughts From Me #19: I Just Stepped On A Lego (Game)

Lego games just keep coming out. There’s no stopping the freight train that are Lego games. What do I think of the Lego series so far? I’ll tell you all about that, plus which game is my favorite and which game I’m hoping they’ll do after Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens!


I haven’t played every Lego game, but I’ve played a lot of them and played demos of some of them too. The Lego franchise has come a long way for sure. When it first started, the Lego Star Wars games had you walking along a very set linear path. The newer lego franchise games, like Lego City Undercover and the Lego Marvel games, have opened their worlds up a lot more. Now you have Lego games that give you a world to explore in between the linear missions you undertake. I liked the old Lego Star Wars games a lot, but I have to admit, I loved exploring New York in the first Lego Marvel game and Lego City Undercover’s open world is a blast too. You may think that the lego games are just for kids, but you’d be wrong.

When we think of lego, we think of kids playing with lego blocks. So of course many people would think that the Lego games are only for kids. The truth is, though, that the lego games are for everyone. The humor and fun thats packed into each lego game will reach not just kids, but entertain adults too. If you’re a fan of DC and/or Marvel, then you shouldn’t skip their respective Lego titles. Tons of easter eggs, things that only DC or Marvel fans would get, are put into these games. And some of the puzzles in the Lego games can be a little tricky too, so if you have kids, you might have to help them. If you don’t have kids, then you’ll play some games that are a ton of fun and a little challenging too. And you may be wondering now, which game is the very best lego game? I definitely have an opinion on that.

My favorite Lego game is Lego City Undercover. Yes, its not based on any of the franchises that a lot of the other games are based on and its a Wii U exclusive game. That said, not being based on anything, gives Lego City Undercover the freedom to make fun of a lot of things. You’ll see movie references, game references, and much more in this game. And in my opinion, it has the best open world of any of the Lego games by far. Sure, Lego New York is awesome, but you just never know what you’ll find in Lego City. Plus, with the game being only on the Wii U, the developers took the time to make the Wii U gamepad features into something special. I love you how comprehensive the world map on the gamepad is and being able to warp to locations and switch costumes via the gamepad is great too! That all said, I’m not saying that the other Lego games are no good. In fact, many of the other lego games are great, especially the Lego Marvel and Lego Batman games! I think that they should never stop making Lego games. There’s just so much more they can do with them!

So what franchise do I think should be a Lego game next (after the upcoming Lego Force Awakens game)? I’m really digging Lego’s treatment of the Marvel universe and would love to see them expand it beyond New York in a big way. My suggestion for the next Lego game is Lego Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, they have appeared in Lego Marvel, but they didn’t get much to do in that game. With the next Guardians movie coming out next year, I could see Lego putting together an excellent game based on the two Guardians movies, plus adding some Guardians comics stuff and Cosmic Marvel stuff in for good measure. Guardians of the Galaxy has a wonderful sense of humor that would play well with the Lego franchise and the Lego developers have a lot of experiance with space in their games! Why not take Marvel there in a big way too? I hope it happens. I’d love to see a big Guardians of the Galaxy video game and the Lego developers would do a wonderful job.


The fact is that Lego always does a wonderful job with these titles. The next big game will be Star Wars The Force Awakens (as mentioned before) and it looks amazing. I loved that movie and I hope I get to play the game. I’m sure I’ll have a ton of fun with it. If you haven’t played a Lego game at all, I fully recommend them. Start with Lego City Undercover if you have a Wii U and if you don’t, I’d recommend starting with either a Lego Batman title or a Lego Marvel one. It depends on who you like better! Most of all, just have fun!

So what is your favorite Lego game? And what franchise do you hope becomes a lego game next? Let us know in the comments!

Next week: What’s happening with the Wii U? Only one game has been announced for later this year. Will more than one game come to the Wii U this holiday season? I’ll tackle that issue and what I hope happens next with the Wii U.

More Thoughts From Me is the opinion of Daniel Fugate and Daniel Fugate only. Nobody else at this site likes Lego games at all. Wait. Is that true? Actually, I don’t think thats true. Pay no attention to me. But still, the above column is all my opinion.


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