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Steamworld Heist 2 – Story Deep Dive Trailer

The first Steamworld Heist was excellent. The upcoming second one looks even better! Check out the story deep dive trailer below and along with our thoughts on it.

Steamworld Heist 2 will release on August 8th, 2024 for all the Playstation and Xbox systems, plus Nintendo Switch an PC.

The first game was focused on outer space and this one is focused on the sea. This time you have a submarine and at first its more like a boat but eventually it looks like you’ll get an upgrade that lets you go underwater! The sea exploration and underwater gameplay looks like a lot of fun. There looks to be a lot to see and do. And the characters in this game are different from the first too.

Its a different Captain in this game, however he does look really cool. Its great that you can recruit new characters and upgrade them, along with your sub. The story, gameplay, and graphics for Steamworld Heist 2 look wonderful. This is a game I can’t wait to check out!

Are you excited for Steamworld Heist 2?


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