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Should More Open World Games Get the VR Treatment?

Thanks to our good friends at Bethesda, we have been playing through Skyrim VR on the PlayStation VR for the past few weeks. We wrote about it at length already, but are now asking a bigger question: should more open world games like Skyrim get the VR treatment?

If you read our review of Skyrim VR, we said it was the best way to experience that world and game. Was it rough around the edges? For sure, and perhaps it was my familiarity with the world that made those negative aspects more bearable. But it’s important to remember that Skyrim isn’t the only large, open world game available on PSVR! Borderlands 2 is also an option, and although we haven’t had the chance to play it yet, it does look phenomenal!

I look forward to more open world games available in VR. It is unlikely we will see many, however, and even less likely that we will see new games from past franchises release on VR in conjunction with the regular versions, or even get new IPs developed just for this purpose. The cost of creating games is high, and the base of PSVR owners is relatively small, compared to those that own a PS4 and an Xbox One. The numbers just are not there to justify a massive, VR experience!

And I fully understand that fact; that will not stop past games from getting VR experiences, and that is where I think things will be heading in the next year or so. Like I said, we have Skyrim VR, Borderlands VR, and yes, even Doom VR. All of these titles have their various issues, but they were all fantastic experiences none-the-less.

What big franchise would you like to see get the VR treatment? For me, it would be Assassin’s Creed!


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