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Progressive Jackpot in Slots: How Does it Work?

Starting to play casino games online, every gambler at heart is hoping for luck and winning the jackpot. It is the most attractive aspect of the whole game, because it literally means that fortune is on your side. Many online slots and crypto slots offer the opportunity to win the jackpot, usually a fairly large amount, in addition the best online slots involve not only a variety of bonus and winning offers, but also have great graphics and a fascinating plot.

progressive jackpots

The concept of the jackpot

In general, the jackpot is the largest cash win in slots, usually it is programmed automatically in the slot itself. It is also not uncommon for the jackpot to refer directly to the internal prize fund of the casino. It is believed that the jackpot first appeared in the late 19th century and was used in poker, and then with the active development of the modern gambling industry it began to apply to online slots.

The difference between regular and progressive jackpots

When we talk about the regular jackpot and the progressive jackpot, many people still don’t see any difference between the two notions, although there is a huge difference. The regular jackpot is fixed, that is, the prize money is a constant amount that does not change during the game, does not increase or decrease. This type of jackpot is often used in cryptocurrency games, because the security of the crypto casino allows gamblers to increase the size of bets and thus form a larger jackpot. In other words, the progressive jackpot is a type of winnings in which the sum of the prize constantly increases during each spin.

This happens in such a way that from each bet made by the gamblers, a certain percentage of the money goes to the jackpot fund, thereby forming a full-fledged cash prize. The jackpot is increasing until some gambler wins it, after which the fund is reset and a new jackpot begins to form.

progressive jackpots

Why is the progressive jackpot more interesting to gamblers?

Progressive jackpots also come in several types, some of them relate to a particular slot, you can often win them directly in offline mode, and others relate to a whole group of slots, which is much more profitable, because the size of the jackpot is rapidly growing with bets on one of the proposed games.

The largest and most desirable progressive jackpots are those in which several slots from the same provider are involved at once. In such cases, the gambler can win a huge amount, reaching up to several million dollars. The principle of operation in this case depends only on the size of the gambler’s bet, no matter which slot a person plays, the percentage of their bet in any case will be included in the size of the progressive jackpot.

In general, progressive jackpots are the most desirable prize, because it is constantly growing, which allows gamblers to increase the sum of winnings, making larger bets and forming the total budget. In video slots there is also an opportunity to win exactly the progressive jackpot.

One of the main principles or peculiarities of the progressive slot game is that it makes no sense for gamblers to make low bets, as it is their size that directly determines their winnings. This game is really for risky people and experienced gamblers.


One of the largest and best known providers of online video slots with progressive jackpot is the company Microgaming. Moreover, it is their slots that have the largest amounts in the jackpot, which is very attractive to players. Such slots include Game of Thrones Power Stacks, Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis, Fruit Fiesta, The Dark Knight and others.


RTG is also a successful company which gives the opportunity to win the biggest prize, it provides such slots as Aztec’s Millions, Megasaur, Jackpot Pinatas and others.


Another popular provider is Playtech, which produces quite high quality and interesting slots with the most attractive winning offers. The company has released a whole series of slots with progressive jackpots called “Win a Jackpot”.


Thus, modern online slots are a great opportunity to get the highest possible winnings in the form of a progressive jackpot. Often this fact attracts gamblers to crypto casinos and gives them some motivation to study different betting strategies. Jackpot is considered to be the greatest luck, which every gambler strives for, because it is essentially the return of the gambler’s money, which they bet, only increased several times. Who could refuse that?


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