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Non-GamStop Brands: Pros and Cons

Virtual gambling is a popular hobby all over the world. Alongside such popularity, the number of people experiencing problems with gambling also increases. According to reports from the UK’s National Health Service, about 350,000 people in the country suffer from gambling addiction and require relevant treatment.


However, GAMSTOP aimed at combating the negative effects of gambling and controlling the situation. Nevertheless, some casinos reject participating in this program because their clients do not like the idea of being blocked at all online casinos. The site of Casino Wise shows UK companies not participating in GamStop for players to make an informed decision. The platforms not connected to GAMSTOP have their pros and cons. Below, we will review some of them and help you make a choice.

Non-GamStop Online Casinos – Disadvantages

GAMSTOP is a great tool for those who have problems with gambling and want to limit the time they spend in the online casino. It is completely free and works with all UK Gambling Commission licensed sites. So, every regulated casino in the UK market participates in the GamStop initiative. Previously, it was possible to choose whether to participate in the program or not, but now it is mandatory for everyone who wants to use the license of the British regulator and advertise their sites in the UK segment of the Internet. Taking into account that such a license is among the most attractive for players, it can be considered a disadvantage.


Key Advantages of Avoiding GamStop Initiative

While the program is undoubtedly very useful, its disadvantages are significant:

1) The duration of self-exclusion

Gamblers are excluded at least for six months, which is quite a long period.  Therefore, if a gambler just wants to take a small break, this initiative won’t help him with that. Only after the first six months, one can either prolong the restriction period to one year or choose a maximum period of five years. Unfortunately, there is no third option.

2) Localization

The program applies only to casinos licensed by the British Gambling Commission. Players can simply visit the sites registered in other states – many of them accept players from the UK and do not impose any restrictions.

3) Lack of control

Other people can also add you to the program: they only need to provide your personal data such as name, zip code, date of birth, and email address. This person won’t be able to remove the block until its expiration date – if you didn’t plan to self-exclude, this can be a very frustrating situation.

In Conclusion

Only casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are required to participate in the GAMSTOP program. However, it does not mean that sites from other gambling jurisdictions are less reliable. These casinos also use comprehensive security measures, and their products have also been tested. Thus, if it seems to you that you are out of control while playing at an online casino, you should probably resort to using GAMSTOP. If the situation is not critical, it is better to think several times before joining the program.