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More Thoughts From Me #272: Crazy Nintendo E3 Predictions

We still have a few weeks to go but I figured, hey, why not start my crazy E3 predictions!? Today I’ll throw out some never-will-this-happen Nintendo E3 predictions, next week will be Sony, and right before E3 I’ll talk about Microsoft and third parties. Let’s a goooooo!


Nintendo has not officially announced their E3 plans yet (unless they do and I have to rewrite this). So I am going to guess their plans…

On the Thursday or Friday before E3 Nintendo will hold a Direct. They might have it on the Saturday when E3 starts but I think they’ll want to get a head start. Its all digital this year. So we’ll see a Direct…let’s just say Thursday.

Then for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we’ll get a Treehouse Live.

I’ll focus on the Nintendo Direct for my craZy predictions…

Nintendo will open the Direct with Metroid Prime 4. We’ll get our first footage of the game. At the end it’ll say “2022”. Note: it won’t make 2022 but Nintendo will promise it.

After that, Reggie will pop up on screen to do the Nintendo Direct….okay. Not so much. It’ll likely be someone from Japan who is in charge of this Direct.

The man from Japan will talk about Metroid Prime 4 briefly and say to expect it next year. And then he’ll say…here’s something new!

A new game will be revealed. Totally new property. An rpg from Monolith Soft. Not Xenoblade. Its something totally different and mind blowing. Use your imagination.

After that, he’ll say lets check the headlines…

We’ll get a bunch of quick reveals: More retro Square Enix games coming to Switch (FF Tactics! Chrono Cross), Ni No Kuni 2 for Switch shown off, a new Kirby game announced, Mass Effect Trilogy for Switch, Resident Evil Revelations 3, Metal Gear Solid Remake, Warioware Gold: Nose Picking Edition, Earthbound Collection, Ever Oasis: Ultimate Edition and many more games.


Then Nintendo will reveal a new Smash fighter, some DLC for Pokemon Snap, a major free Animal Crossing New Horizons expansion will be shown, and a few other things.

Breath of the Wild 2 will be shown and a title will be revealed. A release date of December 17th, 2021 will be shown!
Aonuma will appear to talk about the game and also reveal that they are working on anniversary plans that will be announced soon.

Splatoon 3 will be shown off briefly. The new Adventure mode will be shocking! So will the Puzzle mode!

And the one more thing moment will go to…

Nintendo Kart! A spinoff of Mario Kart, Nintendo Kart will features all of the main big N characters: lots of Mario characters, Samus, Link and Zelda, several Animal Crossing characters, and more. Perhaps some third party characters might be introduced via DLC eventually. This game will be the Smash Bros of Kart racing games.

Also it’ll be out this year right before Breath of the Wild 2. Sometime in November!


How’s that for a craZy predication?! I was tempted to say a new F-Zero in there too but…c’mon thats as likely as a new Earthbound (or that Earthbound collection…).

What do you think Nintendo will announce at E3?

I’ll be back next week with some even crazier Sony predictions!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mind and mine alone. Wish they could get Reggie back to do the Direct!


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