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Indie Game Tiny Galaxy Will Be Getting A Do Over

I had mixed feelings about Wii U indie game Tiny Galaxy when I played it. I thought the graphics were good and the game was neat, but also that the game was much too hard. Soon, Tiny Galaxy will be getting an update and it looks to change a lot about the game!


Wii U indie game Tiny Galaxy sees a hero going on a gravity defying mission that, currently, will have some gamers frustrated beyond belief. I know that I was one of those gamers. Soon, though, Tiny Galaxy will be getting an update that adjusts its difficulty, updates its graphics, and adds more levels!

Here is how Tiny Galaxy currently looks:


And here’s how it will look soon:


I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the old graphics but I have to say that I’m stunned by the new graphics. All of the worlds look a lot better. I’m also hoping that the new difficulty will be a bit easier too. I know that the game will actually respawn you instead of having you start a level all over again when you die. Thats a huge plus in my opinion. Plus, the game is adding new worlds, challenge levels, and more. Tiny Galaxy creator Taylor Hajash once told me that the game will “basically” be “brand new”.

I’m excited to play the Tiny Galaxy update. Tiny Galaxy: The Do Over will be heading our way this summer for Wii U and other systems too!

Here’s the newest trailer for the update:


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