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How to Bridge the Gap Between Video Games and Gambling in 10 Easy Steps

As online gaming becomes more popular with each passing day, the differences between video games and gambling become clearer. Forward-thinking game developers have realized the universal appeal that both these platforms have, and as such, have begun taking steps to capitalize on this.

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If you are thinking of developing an online game, this is an issue you have to deal with. Many strategies have been tried out, from improving the action in poker games to offering more promotions on online casino games. However, not all of them work as well as hoped.


In this article, we will discuss the need to bridge the gap between these two worlds that share the same space, and 10 steps that you can implement to help you.

Why Is Online Gambling Not Considered a Video Game?

According to Esport definitions, an online video game has to be streamed individually, be competitive, and attract online and foot traffic to live events. While online casino games are competitive and can be streamed, it is the issue of attracting traffic that is the problem.

If poker games are not able to attract lots of players to their online platforms and live events, the gap between these games and other video games will always be there.

Who Benefits From Bringing Video Games and Gambling Together?

Finding ways to bridge the gap between them will benefit both video game and casino game developers.

On the one hand, gambling sites will benefit from accessing the much larger pool of audiences and players that video games have, which will increase demand for the game. Video games, on the other hand, will be able to offer players new challenges and platforms to try out their skills.

10 Simple Ways to Bridge the Gap

There is no one solution to bridging the gap between online casino games and regular video games. It takes a combination of different changes that need to be implemented in the industry.

The following is a simple 10-step process that you can implement:

Let Go of the Brick-And-Mortar Casino Idea

The notion that casino games are best enjoyed in a live casino setting is dated. Furthermore, the advancement of technology means that players can access a lot more features and games from the comfort of their own homes than they can in a casino. This is something players need to be made aware of so that they develop more interest in playing online casino games.

Change Monetization in Poker

One of the main reasons why people play casino games is the possibility of walking away with the prize money. Currently, the social model being used by poker games does not allow that, which means the game loses its biggest attraction. If developers can find better ways to monetize online casino games, they will attract a lot more players.

Build a Connection Between Players

When playing poker, players need to be able to guess what their opponents are about to do by looking for specific tells. This is a feature that is not currently accessible in online casino games. Without it, players will feel as if they are playing blind, which is a big reason for people preferring live casinos over online platforms.

Improve the Action

Poker games have moments where the tension and adrenaline make for fantastic entertainment. However, for the most part, watching poker games can be a dull experience for audiences. New ways to improve the minute-by-minute action are needed.

Make Skill Development Easier

One of the things that online gamers love is the ability to develop their skills as they play. Poker, in its traditional format, is a very difficult game to master. Developers need to make it easier for players to improve their skills from one level to the next.

Use Pre-Game Meta

Every poker game starts the same way, with the dealer handing out the cards and the first player starting the game. However, modern video games have a lot of pre-game Meta, such as character development and map selection. These are very important in improving the appeal and variety of the game.

Include Competitive Formats

Currently, most poker tournaments include multi-table settings that involve many different players, and only get exciting towards the end when only a few players are left. This needs to change if these tournaments are to become more competitive and exciting to watch.

Consider the Cosplayers

Fans of video games can usually be spotted a mile away by their cosplay. Dressing up as their favourite game character is a growing trend among online gamers. However, when it comes to gambling, there are no game characters that players can identify with. Therefore, the level of enthusiasm is greatly diminished when gambling compared to playing video games.

Continuously Tweak the Game

Once online players master a certain game or particular level, they immediately start looking for fresh challenges to tackle. Video game developers are aware of this and are always tweaking their games to keep players on their toes. The same approach is needed in online casino games because the current format can quickly become repetitive.

Promote Better Integration

Currently, most online poker game developers work in a closed system in which they try to do everything by themselves. This is the exact opposite of what you will find in modern online video games, where there is a lot of integration between platforms, sponsors, organizers, teams, and publishers. This creates an online community, which is the lifeblood of online gaming.

Develop a Plan To Implement These Steps in Your Casino Game Development Strategy

Now that you know some of the most effective strategies that can be used to bridge the gap between gambling and video games, it is time to develop a plan to implement them. Each game is different and not all these strategies will appeal to your situation.

You need to decide what works best for you and find a way to make it a part of your game development strategy. When done effectively, you can create online casino games that are as popular as modern video games.


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