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How did Canada’s Luxury Casino become one of the leading sites in the country?

Many new online casinos started operating in Canada in the last couple of years. Some of them are available today, whereas others only survived for a couple of months before their competitors pushed them away from the business.


Since only the best can survive in this industry, most people aren’t surprised when they take a look at Luxury casino online Canada and the things it has. Known as one of the hottest casinos in the business in this country, Luxury Casino can impress everyone with its products. Created with passion and a customer-first approach, people across Canada use this gambling website.

Of course, Luxury Casino’s success didn’t come overnight. On the contrary, the company had to prove itself over time until it finally became the preferred option for many players. So, let’s go through the process and learn more about everything that makes the company special.

It has a simple layout

If there is one thing that sets apart successful casinos from those who’re failing is the way they look. Experienced brands know there is no need for “over-the-top” platforms that use different animations and fancy colours. Sure, some people might be interested in those things, but most gamblers simply want a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use site that they can access wherever they go.

Judging from our experience, Luxury Casino provides just that. Albeit not having the most interesting design in the industry, the site doesn’t need that to appeal to its customers. On the contrary, most of them appreciate the simple layout because they can always find what they want. It will be interesting to see the casinos that will come to Canada soon and see what they’ll look like.

The $1000 free reward

Let’s address the elephant in the room, Luxury Casino is one of the few sites in Canada that knows how to grab people’s attention. Instead of sharing information about games and features that are not necessarily that popular, the site decided to promote itself by providing an amazing welcome promotion.

If Canadians open the brand’s site, they will see that there s a $1000 welcome offer for the grab, and there is the word “free” next to it. As much as we wanted to confirm that this proposition is free, the reality is that it isn’t. New customers will still have to make a deposit (several ones) to obtain it, but the maximum total amount is still $1000, which is pretty impressive for a cash bonus in a country like Canada.

Like all other bonuses from different betting platforms, Luxury Casino has rules that Canadian gamblers must follow. So, if you are thinking of putting this brand to the test, make sure to learn more about its offers.

Most of the casino games are available thanks to Microgaming

If gamblers in Canada know anything about the online casino industry, it’s probably the fact that casinos do not develop their games. Sure, some brands are different, but most of the sites in Canada, including Luxury Casino, do not do that. They prefer to work with other companies who provide the games for them.


While most other casinos in the country have partnership deals with Tier 2 and Tier 3 brands whose games are questionable, Luxury Casino wants nothing but the best. As a result, the company decided to offer games by the world’s oldest casino game developer called, Microgaming.

Not all titles on the site are from this brand, but most are. This is one of the reasons why several titles have the demo option that will let Canadians test the game before playing with real money.

It used its affiliate program 

The last reason why Luxury Casino became one of the biggest players in Canada is because of its affiliate program. The fact that the site decided to let other people advertise it and pay commissions increased its traffic drastically. As a result, it quickly surpassed a lot of its alternatives.

Affiliate marketing is incredibly effective in online gambling, which is why most brands decide to use this tactic. That said, being an affiliate takes a lot of time, and it costs money because you need to figure out how to advertise the platform you want.


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