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Family vacations for gamers

Before the Internet was available to the most of the world, the decisions about the vacation’s place and time were made judging by what other people say and other people’s experience. Some brave people tried new places or traveled to random places just because they are adventurous. However, to find the perfect place to relax and enjoy with your loved ones you needed other people’s opinion or at least some kind of a guide.


Since the internet kicked in, more and more information could be found online. The technology has come so far today that the customers can visit a place virtually from the comfort of their homes! What’s even better is the airplane, bus or train tickets can be booked online, as well as the place you want to stay at. Also you can have fun time by looking up the list of IGT slot machines.

The Secret for a Perfect Vacation

Planning a whole vacation, regarding places to stay, when to go and what to visit is a key factor for having the perfect vacation.

Follow these five fundamental steps and avoid all the mistakes:

  1.    Make a list of places that are suitable for you and your family
  2.    Decide how much money can be spent
  3.    Find a good deal
  4.    This step goes along with the second one, and that is to save money
  5.    Enjoy!

There is a reason why making a list of places is a number one. The most important thing is to visit a place that you desire because going somewhere just because of the budget is often not a good thing.

That is when the third step kicks in, as even with the low budget, the good deals can be found for exotic destinations. The saving money process is evident, but it is important to keep in mind to have some extra cash, just in case of the emergency or unexpected expenses. And the last but not the least, have fun, relax and enjoy your trip! Figure out what does your family enjoy the most, is it the mountains, the sea, entertainment parks, nature, big cities, etc. and go for it!

Useful Travelling Websites

Since we are talking about the vacation planning online, it is crucial to search for a complete trip using the best and reliable internet sites.

Some of the most useful and popular are:


The Booking is at the top for over five years regarding the customer satisfaction in all categories. The website offers hotels, resorts, rentals and hostels from all around the world. Their search filter is micro-adjustable so each criterion can be applied to it. If more than one person is looking at the same page at the same time, they will notify everyone just to make sure no one misses the opportunity. If the arrangement you are currently looking at gets booked, the notification will pop up.

The CheapOair and CheapAir are more focused on the traveling procedure, especially flying. Traveling by airplane is the most comfortable and fastest way to reach any destination. Everything from the private jets, economic, business and first class can be found on their websites.


The obviously offers the cheapest possible global arrangements. There are five categories including the flights, hotels, vacation packages (the most popular), cars and activities. The vacation packages provide the four combinations of places to stay and transport options. They are famous for their last minute offers, which get sold the moment they appear, so turn on the notifications and be fast!

These are only four out of hundreds of traveling site allowing you to get a whole planned vacation for low prices. Visit the websites for more information.

Take the Best Out of the Vacation

It is not only the traveling and planning process that takes some time to function properly. The plan should be present when the desired destination is reached so that you can spend the time available in a smart way.

If the trips were booked through an agency along with another group of people, they would usually provide someone to guide the team, or at least give the guide manual.

After you planned the whole vacation using the Internet, which is the best source of information nowadays, why not plan how to spend the time while staying there? It is enough to simply google search the destination and use the keywords such as the food, places to eat, places to visit monuments, sights, etc.


Every place in the world offers the tours. The tours are always a sound investment because the agencies organize and plan your day, evening or night for a good price. If there are many competitive organizations, it is recommended to check the prices everywhere. The tour might visit a nearby city, organize a tour of the place you are staying at, take you to the amusement parks, etc. If your budget is higher, the individual trips with a person guiding you are available as well.

If you are looking for a particular type of sights to visit then these sites might help you a lot:


Just to get the idea how they work, some of their program titles are: “Top five Ancient Temples To Visit”, “10 Must Know Travel Restrictions”, “Top Five Amusement Parks For You and Your Kids”, etc.

When the category is chosen, a brief review of the destinations belonging to that category is provided, as well as an option to immediately find the best possible offer for that place. They also have the options to book a flight or a hotel, but the best combination is to locate the information about the places on these websites, and then go back to the sites mentioned above specialized for the traveling and staying features.

To conclude, as long as you are traveling with your partner, kids, parents, cousins or a whole family, the most important thing is to enjoy and relax, and to be able to do so, it is the best to have a plan for the entire vacation.


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