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eSports Betting in 2023

The cost of living crisis is hitting hard and that means there is less money to spend on games. But you know what? eSports betting is still going strong.


Yes, despite the Covid boom being well and truly over, it seems like the increased popularity of eSports is here to stay. What exactly does that mean? And is betting on eSports in 2023 still worth doing?

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that you need to know about eSports betting in 2023.

eSports Betting – A Guide

If you’ve ever enjoyed sports betting, eSports betting is exactly the same. It’s been around long enough now that most people are aware it exists: gambling on digital games rather than physical ones. And they’re getting hugely popular, with the betting part of eSports being worth $1 billion in 2019. Thanks to covid, it is now worth many times that.

Which just goes to show how quickly things are changing on this front. It wasn’t long ago that people mocked the idea of video games as a competitive sport. And yet it’s as successful if not more successful than many other sports.

It requires a lot of the same dedication and training as many other competitive games. And this is reflected in the fans, who become passionate about their favourite players and teams.

Millions of people tune into competitive games on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch, and many of those bring gambling into the equation too. If you’re interesting in gambling and gaming, this can be a perfect marriage of interests.

Betting on eSports is just like betting on regular sports. You pick the winners, or bet on some other related thing, and if the bet goes your way then you make money. Some of the biggest betting companies in the world are getting into this now, so you can be happy in the knowledge that you’re using verified websites. Just like with online casinos, there are even information websites popping up that’ll help you keep track of all the most important information. That includes where you can bet on eSports, as well as the bonuses you’ll receive from certain casinos. This allows you to do the research you need to do to get started.

Getting Started in eSports Betting

So as hinted at above, the most important thing is to do your research. This isn’t necessarily as easy as in traditional sports, where maybe you grew up with your favourite team, or you already have an interest in all teams generally. If you’re brand new to eSports and you’re just interested in Call of Duty or Overwatch, then you might struggle in the first instance. Who should you bet on? What games are the most fun to watch.

If you’re worried about any of this, just ease into it gently. Watch some eSports, get to know who is who. At the same time, check out some betting websites and see for yourself how similar it all is to traditional betting sites.

If first person shooters aren’t your thing, you can find an endless selection of games to bet on. Some of the most popular ones – like League of Legends or Rocket League – are more similar to traditional sports than you might think, when you strip away the things only possible in video games.

It is as easy as that. Start gambling when you are happy with your chosen sport. As with all gambling, start small. If you start to feel stressed or it stops being fun, stop gambling. Just because it’s video games, doesn’t mean it can’t become serious.

Ultimately fun is the aim, and luckily it is a lot of fun.


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