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Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special Stream This Month

Its Dragon Quest’s 35th Anniversary this year! What does Square Enix have in store for the game? Well, we’ll find out later this month! Square will have an Anniversary stream on youtube. For the first time, English viewers will get to understand whats going on too!


On May 26th, Square Enix will have a Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary special stream. It will reveal the upcoming lineup for the Dragon Quest series. Usually this kind of stream would be in Japanese only but this time Square will have ‘live interpretation from Japanese’. Here’s what Square says in full on youtube about the stream:

“Introducing the upcoming line-up in the DRAGON QUEST series.

May 27th is Dragon Quest Day, and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the series, we’re bringing you a special broadcast to showcase all of the latest information about what’s going on—and what’s yet to come—in the world of DRAGON QUEST. For the first time in DRAGON QUEST history, the show will feature live interpretation from Japanese, so that our international fans can stay up-to-date with developments in the DRAGON QUEST series, too. Don’t miss it, or you’ll miss out!”

Since the presentation is going to feature English that must mean that Square has huge plans for Dragon Quest in the West. They said they would say “what’s going on” and also talk about “what’s yet to come”. This most likely means what we should expect soon and also a glimpse of Dragon Quest’s future!

Please allow me to speculate now. I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan.

My hope is that Square Enix will release more of the classic Dragon Quest games on Nintendo Switch and other places. We have Dragon Quest 1-3 on the Switch. It would be great to see Dragon Quest 4-9 too. A collection of the games or individual releases would be great. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Dragon Quest Tactics (the mobile game) on the Switch. Basically I want all the DQ games.

I’m not sure if that’ll happen. It would be nice to see, at least, a few more of the classic games come to the Switch and other platforms.

As for the future? Well, we haven’t heard anything about Dragon Quest 12 yet and its been awhile since the last game. I think we’ll at least get a glimpse of the newest DQ. I think since the stream is being directed toward an international audience that the likely hood on a new single player Dragon Quest is high. Though I suppose we could see Square bringing an online Dragon Quest to the West for the first time. I hope not. I really want to see another new turn-based DQ on the Switch. I love Dragon Quest 11!

There are so many possibilities for this upcoming stream. If Square didn’t have big plans for the video, then it wouldn’t be in English too. This is a big first for the series! Usually these DQ streams are always Japanese only. Dragon Quest 11 must have done pretty good.

What do you think Square Enix will show during the 35th Anniversary stream?


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