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1 Up Box May 2016 RPG Unboxing and Review

We just recently got our first 1 Up Box in the mail, and of course, we had to unbox it and review the contents. For it being the first box I got from this company, I have to say the bar is set fairly high. Check out the video directly below here and the full review with pictures will follow. Thanks again to 1 Up Box for sending this over. If you want to order your own 1 Up Box, just head to and get the subscription length that you want!

Overall, this 1 Up Box is really great. The tShirt is one of the best items I have ever received in a crate before, and I really hope this one holds up well in the wash. 1 Up Box is showing off their new line of shirts that will be included in each box. It appears as if their two ‘mascots’ will appear on shirts going forward; in this particular one, they are representing the Assassins Creed franchise, and they do a magnificent job. Hats off to the people over at 1 Up Box…this will definitely be in our Top 5 Items for May video later this month!

The Fallout 4 bookmark, once again, is an item that you would probably never buy for yourself if you saw it in a store, but when you finally have one in your hands, you really want it. While I’m not a huge Fallout fan – I have definitely played all the previous titles – my younger brother really is. And, since he also likes books, I know exactly who’s going to benefit from my subscription box, at least this month!

I am a huge Assassins Creed fan, so to get two items from that franchise this month is really great. Like I previously mentioned with the Fallout 4 bookmark, the Assassins Creed Emoji stickers are not something you would ever buy yourself, and frankly, I’m not sure you could even find these in stores! When I see them in person, however, I think they are fantastic. While I’m not sure where I’ll put them, just having them to show off is pretty neat.

I have seen the show Vikings before, but I am not heavily invested in it. Regardless, I think the pin is cool, regardless of your understanding of the hit TV show. For those collecting pins, it will make a nice addition to their collection, and as a bonus, this is a 1 Up Box exclusive item! For some reason, I still think it looks like a Skyrim item…

World of Warcraft has never been a part of my life, for better or for worse. However, I like Pop figures no matter what franchise they come from. This item is really detailed and will make an excellent addition to my growing collection.

Overall, this months box is definitely worth what you would buy to receive it. The tShirt is the best I have ever gotten from a subscription box, even though I worry about the quality and how it will hold up in the wash. All the other items in the box don’t feel like ‘throw away’ items to me. There is value in everything, regardless of if I am a fan or not.

For this month, I give it a big thumbs up!





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