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What Makes a Quality Friendship

Good friends can be hard to come by, especially during such difficult times. While there is no single definition for what a quality friendship might look like, there are certain signs to be aware of (including ones to avoid).

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  1. Supportive

A good friend should be someone that sticks by your side through thick and thin. While they don’t always need to agree with everything you say, they should stand by your side regardless of anything thrown your way. One of the beauties of having a solid friendship is knowing that you’re going to be supported regardless of how you choose to conduct yourself.

  1. Trustworthy

Another sign of a quality friendship is being able to trust your friend in all aspects. This isn’t just when it comes to secret-keeping, but it goes back to trusting that your friend will be there. Knowing that your friend is going to support and help guide you through your life without having to worry about them leaving your side is one of the greatest gifts in life!

  1. Compromise

Just like any relationship, a friendship requires compromise. Compromise is useful for deciding on things to do, such as which places to go or how to spend a girls/boy’s night. Perhaps one of you loves gaming, and the other despises it. A compromise would allow for both parties to play games sometimes (honouring one person’s hobbies) and do activities to honour the other friend’s wants.

  1. A Good Listener

One important aspect of friendship is the ability to listen well. In fact, it’s one of the most important. We all want to speak and be heard, especially by those who we let closest to us. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior or like what you say doesn’t matter when it does just as much as anyone else! While there’s no universal guidebook on how to be a good friend, you can certainly learn what it takes .

  1. No Judgment

Confiding in a friend only to be met with judgment can be one of the worst feelings for anyone. Being vulnerable takes a lot, especially with past betrayals. If a close friend that you confide in turns around and makes you regret the decision, that can harm your trust going forward. A good friendship should include both openness and the ability to not cast judgment.

  1. Dependable

Who wants to be friends with someone that can never be available when it matters most? Or worse, someone who makes false promises and breaks them repeatedly? Choosing friends is a huge undertaking as you will spend a significant portion of your life with them. It’s important to avoid getting close to people that don’t understand the importance of friendship and take yours for granted.

  1. Honesty

Without honesty, friendships can feel hollow. A friend and those close to you should be the ones that you can rely on most to be open and honest with you. If you find that a friend is being dishonest with you, even keeping important things from you, it may be time to sit down and have a discussion. Within that conversation, it is also important to be honest to keep your best interest and theirs at the forefront.


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