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The Most Expensive Skins In Rust

Rust stands out as a captivating and widely loved survival game, engaging players for upwards of 1,000 to 10,000 hours across several years. Its already frenetic and compelling gameplay cycle has been further enhanced by the addition of a marketplace for skins, drawing players back for more.

In Rust, the concept of a weapon or item skin is straightforward. It doesn’t directly enhance the gaming experience or significantly decrease recoil, for instance, but it does inject a welcome dose of diversity. For a community deeply immersed in raiding and harvesting activities, this splash of variety is indeed a welcome addition.

However, it’s worth noting that some skins are priced beyond what many can afford. Select skins command prices exceeding $1,000, with numerous others valued in the hundreds, even months or years post-release. The idea of spending over a thousand dollars on something as simple as a facemask skin might seem extraordinary, yet it’s a common occurrence within the Rust community. The market for Rust skins is remarkably profitable.

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the highest-priced skins available in Rust. More skins you can find in the gambling blog

Freshly Dug Grave

In Rust’s unforgiving landscape, respawning hinges on the strategic placement of a sleeping bag.


Typically, these bags are nondescript, often hidden within bushes in shades of brown, awaiting their moment of necessity. However, for those seeking to combine style with survival, the Freshly Dug Grave sleeping bag skin by XTab offers an intriguing alternative. This unique skin allows players to rest in the eerie embrace of a simulated grave, adding a macabre twist to their gameplay experience.

Tempered Mask

In Rust, the allure of tempered skins, known for their vibrant, shimmering hues, captivates many players.


Among the highest-priced items on the market, tempered skins are a coveted luxury. Notably, the Tempered Mask, with its striking alternating purple and gold colors, ranks among the top ten Rust skins, offering a stark contrast to the game’s otherwise grim environment. This particular skin is a favorite among dedicated PvP enthusiasts who prioritize style over stealth, making a bold statement on the battlefield.

Creepy Clown Bandana

The Creepy Clown Bandana skin stands out as one of the most visually striking bandana skins in Rust, but it’s also shrouded in controversy. After it was approved, enabling its creator to earn a portion of the profits from sales — a common practice where Facepunch Studios disburses around $1,000,000 in total to its community of skin creators — it was revealed that the design was plagiarized. Following these allegations, the creator vanished by deleting their account and removing the skin from the Steam Workshop listings. Nevertheless, the skin remains available for purchase on the Market, though now, none of the proceeds benefit the original “creator” who appropriated the artwork.

Fire Jacket

Did the sight of a bright red fire truck, complete with flashing lights and the promise of heroism, ever make you dream of becoming a firefighter during your childhood?


This aspiration, shared by many children, often fades as they grow into adults and venture into various career paths. However, for those who carried the echo of sirens in their hearts throughout their lives, Rust offers a slice of that dream with the Fire Jacket. This in-game item allows players to embody their childhood fantasy, even if only in the virtual world.

Horror Bag

It might come as a surprise, but a sleeping bag has turned into a much-sought-after item among Rust’s skin enthusiasts. Given that every player requires one, why not opt for a piece that’s not only visually appealing but also has the potential to become a valuable collectible?


Enter the Horror Bag, a standout from the Halloween 2015 collection of sleeping bag skins, distinguished by its vibrant orange color, festooned with jack-o-lanterns and bats. Created by MDemon, this festive and fun skin carries a hefty price tag. Those interested in acquiring this Halloween-themed sleeping bag should brace for a bit of sticker shock, with prices ranging from $350 to $370. Its scarcity in the game adds to its allure, pushing its price to eye-catching levels. It’s improbable that its cost will see any significant reduction in the foreseeable future, keeping it a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Glory AK47

Distinct from other AK47 skins, such as Alien Red, the Glory AK47 skin is celebrated for its elaborate designs.


This skin is adorned with sun motifs that enhance the magazine well, the front sight, and the rear of the upper receiver, adding a layer of artistic detail rarely seen in other variants. While retaining the iconic shovel handle stock and tape grips, these elements are recast in a muted red. This choice of color harmonizes perfectly with the gold and silver engravings that embellish the rifle, giving it a distinguished appearance that sets it apart in the realm of Rust’s weapon skins.

Tempered MP5

Milho Frito has returned to the spotlight with a new addition to the Tempered Rust skin collection, this time turning his creative focus towards the military-grade MP5 — a top contender among submachine guns in Rust.


The Tempered MP5 mirrors the aesthetic appeal of the Tempered Mask, adopting a similar color palette of alternating purple and gold. This striking combination is applied throughout the weapon, from the receiver and mag well to the handguard and forward sight, infusing the MP5 with the distinct and luxurious style characteristic of Milho Frito’s tempered series.

Demonic Pistol

The Demonic Pistol holds the unique distinction of being the first and only pistol skin to grace the front page of the marketplace, earning its name from the array of ominous black skulls that decorate the starter pistol.


For those who find the skulls to be just the beginning of its allure, the grip offers further intrigue with its design of small bones encased in metal plates. This combination of elements contributes to the skin’s edgy and menacing aesthetic, making it a standout choice for players looking to add a touch of darkness to their arsenal in Rust.

Big Grin

The Metal Facemask stands out as one of the most favored items for reskinning and trading on the Rust marketplace, testament to its popularity and versatility.


The scope for creativity in designing skins for this item is boundless, allowing artists to bring a wide array of concepts to life. This explains the prevalence of skins depicting clowns, scrapyard demons, and the iconic Big Grin among the top sellers. Such diversity showcases not just the community’s appetite for unique, imaginative designs but also the role of artistic innovation in enhancing the in-game experience.

Alien Relic SMG

For those immersed in the world of Rust, the Alien Relic SMG is an emblem of rarity and desirability, standing as one of the most sought-after submachine gun skins in the game, if not the most elusive of all skins.


Its scarcity is such that even after dedicating thousands of hours to the game, players might never encounter it during their adventures. This rarity elevates the Alien Relic SMG beyond a mere in-game asset to a prized collector’s item, often purchased to adorn a player’s Steam Inventory as a symbol of prestige and bragging rights within the community.

Punishment Mask

Among all the in-game skins available in Rust, The Punishment Mask stands as the pinnacle of value, popularity, and scarcity.


Originally christened the 4 Deuces Skull Mask by its creator, StabbyMcStabface, the skin underwent a name change to The Punishment Mask. Interestingly, this renaming occurred despite the skin’s inspiration being drawn from the U.S. Navy Seals rather than Marvel’s The Punisher. This distinction emphasizes the unique blend of real-world military homage and the imaginative reinterpretation by the Rust community, propelling the skin to legendary status within the game’s vast ecosystem of virtual items.

Zipper Face

When considering games with a creepy or unsettling atmosphere, Rust might not immediately spring to mind.


Instead, titles such as Resident Evil, Phasmophobia, or even Among Us are likely to dominate such thoughts, given their direct engagement with horror elements. However, Rust’s community is keen on shifting this narrative by introducing eerie in-game skins that add a layer of fright to the action-survival experience crafted by Facepunch Studios. A prime example of this effort is the Zipper Face skin, which has succeeded in unsettling players with its genuinely disturbing appearance, demonstrating the community’s creative approach to altering the game’s overall vibe.


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