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Superhero Day LEGO Sets to Consider

Our friends at The LEGO Group reminded me the other day that Super Hero Day is coming up on April 28th! While I did know this, I completely forgot. But that wasn’t all LEGO did – they sent over a few LEGO set suggestions that will make Superhero Day even more fun! Let’s take a look at a few sets you can enjoy in just a few days!


As someone who has been collecting Superhero LEGO sets for a long while now, the following would be great additions to anyone’s LEGO collection! Be sure to check these out, and let us know if you pick any of them up! Consider picking up the fantastic LEGO Batman and Marvel games as well!

For the diehard fans: LEGO Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem


Ages 9+, 479 pieces. $49.99 CAD

·        Based on classic scenes from the first Marvel Studios’ Iron Man movie, this exciting and engrossing construction toy launches kids’ imaginations into epic adventures with one of Marvel’s most iconic creations – the Iron Monger mech

For the action fans: LEGO Captain America and Hydra Face-Off


Ages 4+, 49 pieces. $13.99 CAD

·        Fun for all the family, this LEGO 4+ playset is a special treat for any child, and for the rest of the family too. As adults pass on their construction skills, they share precious developmental milestones with their budding builders.

For the fans who love a team up: LEGO Avengers: Endgame Final Battle


Ages 8+, 527 pieces. $99.99 CAD

·        Kids join an impressive cast of LEGO Marvel characters – Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Thanos and a Chitauri warrior – for endless super-hero adventures at the Avengers compound.

For the Spidy fans: Spider-Man & Green Goblin Mech Battle


Ages 7+, 296 pieces. $24.99 CAD

·        Send Marvel fans’ imaginative play to a whole new level with 2 monster mechs featuring popular Super-Hero minifigures from the Marvel movies.


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