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Star Wars Imperial Assault – Return to Hoth Overview

I’ve been playing a ton of Star Wars: Imperial Assault over the past few weeks, and the gaming group finally took a deep dive into the Return to Hoth expansion for the game. There is a ton of content included in this expansion box, but it is worth noting a copy of the core game is required to play. For those who want to extend their Star Wars: Imperial Assault experience further, Return to Hoth is an excellent pick up!

When you look at each Imperial Assault big box expansion, one thing will continue to ring true: you are just getting more. There isn’t a ton that changes the core gameplay of the game, but you are extending that entertainment experience with a brand new campaign, a brand new location to explore, and a ton of new miniatures for you to enjoy.

There are 16 new miniatures included in the box, a few of which are larger than average. Included in this set are, three brand new heroes, six Snowtroopers, four HK Assassin Droids, two Wampas, and one SC2-M Repulsor Tank. THe Wampas and the Tank are larger than average, making this a great set to pick up if you want to add some size to your Imperial Assault experience.


One of the main new features that Return to Hoth introduces is the opportunity to play 4-player skirmishes. Prior to this release, IMperial Assault limited skirmish matches to two players. Return to Hoth brings about new skirmish maps with 4 deployment zones.

While we did find playing 4-player skirmishes a bit hectic overall (and I would say I prefer the standard two player variant), it is a great way to include more members of your gaming group. We often have 3-4 players each gaming night, so being able to include everyone is really great.

Of course, Return to Hoth also comes with 37 new double sided tiles, extending the map opportunities when included with the core set. It uses the same puzzle-piece style connection points that make putting these maps together a breeze! Add in a bunch of brand new cards and items, and you’ve got another 20 hours of content here, all for a very reasonable price.


Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a bit older, and it definitely feels that way. If you’ve played Descent: Legends of the Dark or Journey’s in Middle Earth, you will find things in Imperial Assault that you don’t love.

While this isn’t my favourite miniatures board game from Fantasy Flight Games, it’s still a rock solid experience, made even better with the Return to Hoth expansion. If you are looking to extend your gameplay, this is probably my favourite addition to the game yet.


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