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Retro Gaming: Exploring Classic Video Games and Their Impact

Though several video games seem to have hit our screens recently, there’s none like retro games. Retro games are king, and they have a way of bringing us back to their feet repeatedly– we just want more!


Today, we’ll be exploring classic video games that hold us spellbound and what makes them special. Stay tuned!

What are Retro Games?

We’ll assume you already know what the word ‘games’ means. But what about ‘Retro’? It’s simple. Google probably has a lot to say here, and if you check, you’ll figure the word ‘retro’ speaks about the past. Simply, it refers to something ‘archaic’ or old-fashioned. And that gives us an idea of what retro games are.

Fondly called classic or old-school gaming, retro gaming is the present-day enjoyment of classic games which were popular amongst the older generations. It refers to a gaming style that’s based on the system and patterns of ancient gamers but modified (sometimes) via modern hardware.

These days, gamers turn to retro gaming for preservation, nostalgia, and authenticity.

Classic video games and their impact

While there may be several retro games popular amongst gamers and blackjack lovers today, we’ve restricted our list to those which get the most attention.

Check them out!

Sim City

This 1989 release marked the beginning of a series that would yield a few of the prime real-life simulation video games ever produced. With its emphasis on real-time city administration, the game challenges players to create and construct their own metropolises while keeping strict financial constraints. To ensure the prosperity of your community, you must play strategically.


About 2 million versions of this dark action RPG were sold, and the franchise it started has remained popular to this day. In Diablo, the player must go through 16 randomized levels before reaching Hell and confronting the game’s antagonist, Diablo.


Play as a rogue, warrior, or wizard, and equip yourself with the many weapons and powerful skills you’ll find during the game.


The original arcade version of Frogger had players helping a group of frogs safely cross a road so they may return to their pond. Although many sequels and spin-offs have been released, the original version keeps its place among the absolute best video games of all time.

Street Fighter

Since its first debut in 1987, the fierce fighting game has produced a total of six additional main series titles and countless spin-offs.

Players in the first version of the game faced off against 10 distinct opponents and five different countries in a martial arts tournament. To succeed, you had to study the various attacks and the special ones— spamming buttons wouldn’t get you very far.

Chrono Trigger

The SNES version of Chrono Trigger was a commercial and critical success upon its 1995 debut. With its various endings, a shit ton of side-quests, and emphasis on character improvement, this RPG is still competitive with the best role-playing games of today.

Mega Man 2

Capcom’s NES action game resumed the fight between Mega Man and Dr. Wily. The original game wasn’t well regarded, but the sequel was a huge success thanks to improvements in gameplay, aesthetics, and audio mixing.


It’s still the most popular Mega Man game, and it’s been featured in compilations for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch


The original Pong was launched in 1972, making it one of the pioneering arcade games of all time. A table tennis-inspired game, Pong is incredibly easy to pick up but also difficult to put down.

In fact, many consider this classic arcade game instrumental in the development of the gaming sector into the multibillion-dollar industry that we know it to be.

Resident Evil

This adventure game from 1996 was where gamers were first introduced to Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. It tasks players with escaping a home full of sick animals.

This classic game is very repaid because of the variety of possible outcomes.


DuckTales, inspired by the hit cartoon series with the same title, debuted on the NES in 1989 and made its way to the Game Boy the following year. The plot centres on Scrooge McDuck’s efforts to outwit his old enemy, Flintheart Glomgold while exploring the world in search of treasure.

It’s a simple game, but the humor, visuals, and story make it fun to play.

Final Thoughts

Sure, the online gaming industry is huge and continues to expand in the present day. By 2015, the video game industry in the United States was worth almost $17 billion. Compared to the video game industry’s earnings in the 1980s, the current total of 101.62 billion U.S. dollars is overwhelming.

The video gaming sector is thriving, yet there is still potential for advancement in terms of the industry’s technical infrastructure. Those driving the industry still have issues they need to resolve so that it can continue to grow.


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